Food For Thought – Hollyweird’s Oligarchy vs Nationalist Underdogs


An article in The Times has outlined that the UK police are colluding with media outlets to produce anti-“Far-Right” propaganda:

The Times reports:

Police are using television soaps in the fight against neo-Nazi (sic) extremism.

Officers from Prevent, the government’s deradicalisation programme, are acting as advisers to Channel 4’s Hollyoaks on a storyline involving one of the main characters getting sucked into far-right violence.

The unprecedented collaboration comes as it emerged that at least a fifth of all referrals to Prevent now involve concerns over neo-Nazi (sic) activity.

Chief Superintendent Nik Adams, Prevent’s national co-ordinator, described the work with Hollyoaks, which is watched by many teenagers and young adults, as a “huge opportunity” to warn youngsters and their families about the signs of radicalisation.

Like the Australian TV series Romper Stomper (which parodied your humble correspondent) or the $100 million box office flop Robin Hood (which has an abysmal 32/100 on Metacritic) or Rotten Tomatoes rigging the cancer of Captain Marvel, these anti-Nationalist proto-Marxist productions are largely being rejected by the populace.

For example take a look at the latest cringe-worthy television series by HBO called ‘Euphoria’:

The Age reports:

In a recent piece in The Hollywood Reporter which addressed the series’ provocative appeal, a HBO executive said it makes Netflix’s controversial teen suicide drama 13 Reasons Why “look like an after- school special”, a claim that’s drawing unprecedented attention to the new series.

The drama, which premieres in Australia on Foxtel’s Showcase on Monday, follows high-schooler Rue (The Greatest Showman’s Zendaya) as she navigates her recovery from a drug overdose with further unfettered chemical abuse. An adaptation of an Israeli show of the same name, it draws on the real- life addiction struggle of writer/creator Sam Levinson, the son of Oscar-winning filmmaker Barry Levinson (Rain Man, Good Morning Vietnam).

But it’s the show’s explicit handling of such sensitive material that’s sparked debate. Its first episode depicts the statutory rape of a teen trans girl (Hunter Schafer) by a middle-aged stranger she met online (Eric Dane, and a prosthetic penis); elsewhere, the show’s young stars appear nude throughout.

Other explicit scenes look to address Generation Z’s real-world dilemmas: a sex scene that involves choking is a critique of the distorting effect of porn-watching on young men; and a scandalous photo montage leads to an impassioned defence of nude texts as casual teen flirtation.

If the globohomo system wants to keep making garbage-tier propaganda to goad nationalists into greater levels of conviction against their widespread cancer then by all means keep pushing public and private sector collusion with communists.

Food For Thought.

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