If the term ‘white genocide’ is inflammatory, so is ‘holocaust’


The 2019 Australian federal election has been a breakthrough for national populism. This breakthrough goes far beyond the emergence of boomer conservative Senator Fraser Anning and the registration of his Conservative National Party. His success in reintroducing some genuine nationalist policies and ideas back into the mainstream Australian political discourse has demonstrated how mild Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party actually is, and it has energised patriotic BBQ Aussies nationwide.

This has baited the lying media into flailing wildly at every perceived “nazi” (sic) under the bed it can invent.

The terrorist supporting ABC colluded with the terrorist supporting Al Jazeera in an attempt to set up PHON for enquiring about funds from the NRA. While this foreign interference by the Qatar owned media group only strengthened One Nation’s credentials on gun rights, footage of PHON Senator Steve Dickson at a strip club, which had been conveniently held back until a few days ago finally claimed a scalp.

A series of nothingburger hit pieces have attempted to smear Fraser Anning and present his supporters as violent. In fact it has been The XYZ which has provided the strongest critique of the boomer moderate for his fielding of an Indian candidate and female candidates, although we do argue that Fraser Anning and his party are still the best on the federal ticket.

Multiple Liberal and Labor candidates have been disendorsed for rightly criticisng Islam, global finance and degeneracy, and the Coalition’s links to patriot activist Neil Erikson represents a growing scandal which could derail the Liberal Party’s election campaign and potentially destroy the party itself.

The Dinosaur Media has been paying attention to Australian nationalists because it has to – we have successfully spread our narrative to a broad audience and thus constitute a threat to the status quo – but it has been doing so with its usual complete lack of understanding and has amplified our message.

Into this mix, the Sydney Morning Herald has taken a wild swing at the Lads Society and its leader Tom Sewell.

From the SMH, with the headline:

Threats from white extremist group that ‘tried to recruit Tarrant’

The very first paragraph debunks the central claim of the clickbait header:

The leader of an Australian white nationalist group has made veiled threats of violence while also claiming he tried unsuccessfully to recruit the alleged Christchurch gunman Brenton Tarrant in 2017.

Lads tried to recruit Brenton Tarrant well before he ever allegedly became a killer. Not a story. Sewell’s response actually reinforces how misleading the headline is:

“The difference between my organisation, myself and him [Tarrant], is simply that we believe, certainly at this stage, that there is a peaceful solution for us to create the society we want to live in,” Mr Sewell said.

“We want a peaceful alternative, we want to be treated with respect, we want to be left alone.”

However, the SMH has used Sewell’s words to infer the exact opposite of what he meant:

Mr Sewell said his group did not condone violence “at this stage” but that “if you make the peaceful alternative impossible, you leave only the other option.”

This comment and others of Sewell’s which expand on this idea echo the famous words of former US President John F Kennedy:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”

Not only is paraphrasing this idea not a threat, “veiled” or otherwise, it is a cornerstone of the democratic system. Allowing people to speak freely and to elect candidates who promote their interests prevents the pressure that builds due to the frustration of not being listened to from escalating into violence. Western civilisation has until recently been peaceful because this axiom had been so well understood.

The two key lies on which this article are based are thus easy to refute, but the piece contains a far more insidious lie which deserves rebuttal:

“The specific correspondence I had with him was that he didn’t want to be a member,” Mr Sewell said. Tarrant was about to go to New Zealand. But Mr Sewell also said he inferred from Tarrant’s comments at the time, not just the subsequent attack, that he “didn’t believe there was a peaceful solution to European people being genocided”.

The far-right use the inflammatory term genocide to describe their obsession with the idea that non-white immigration will lead to white people becoming a minority in Western nations.

The truth is, non-white immigration will lead to white people becoming a minority in Western nations. The USA and Europe are predicted to be majority non-white by 2050 and Australia is well on track to reach the same statistic. Overall, white people make up between 8% and 11.5% of the world’s population and are this a global minority.

According to peak globalist body theUN, “deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part” constitutes genocide. Mass non-white immigration into white homelands constitutes exactly such a scenario, thus ‘genocide’ is not an “inflammatory term” but an accurate description of the current policies of Western governments.

The irony here is that another genocide, the holocaust, has become an inflammatory term used against white people in order to carry out our genocide. Aside from the red herring of boosting economic growth, the number one justification for mass non-white immigration into white countries is the holocaust – we are told that nationalism and a sense of white, European national identity was what caused World War 2 and what is believed to be the death of 6 million Jews under the German national socialist regime. To prevent this ever happening again, we are told that our societies must become multicultural through mass non-white immigration.

The irony here is double. Firstly, our globalist masters openly boast that not only will we be minority white in our own countries in the coming century, we will also be essentially bred out of existence.

From Pinterest.

This is indeed the founding goal of the European Union:

Secondly, it was not nationalism which started World War Two, but socialism, and globalist finance fomented and funded both World Wars of the 20th century. These internationalist forces manipulated the ethnic nationalist countries of Europe into massacring each other and fighting for the communist USSR, which had murdered more people than the national socialists in Germany are ever purported to have killed, even before the purported killing really got going.

Thus the narrative of the World Wars have been inverted and we have been brainwashed into furthering the policies of those who started it. The danger is that having failed to learn the lessons of the past, we are doomed to repeat them.

The solution is to remove ourselves from the globalist system, typified by the debt based economy which runs on fake money and deliberate population transfers; the globalist international order which has manipulated the West into fighting for a foreign power for 70 years; and the degenerate media-entertainment complex which has inverted our traditional Christian morality. Instead we should focus on building connections to our white brothers, grow strong families and an in-group preference network that runs on an economy based on hard work and expertise.

In other words, exactly what the Lads Society is doing.