Food For Thought – The Epiphany Of Precedent


Due to a lingering moniker attributed to me by the Research Director of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) I refrained from writing about the Poway synagogue shooting this last week.

However this write-up by Joshua Safran via USA Today got me fired up enough to string a couple words together:

Joshua’s invoking of expulsions and exoduses from Europe is naturally intended to stoke and amplify the anti-White Christian agenda of the Zionist US Deep State.

However, as The Daily Stormer clarifies, there have been many expulsions and exoduses of Jews beyond Europe, such as from Persia, Egypt, North Africa, Turkey, Yemen, Morocco, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Ecuador, India, Pakistan, Cuba and Uganda.

When we consider the stakeholders behind open borders into Western nations, the alien intelligentsia informing our nation’s security services and their funding of subversive antagonists against Christian Russia, it’s no surprise adversity is affecting the Jews.

It appears some Jewish sources are disseminating my discourse on the matter, question is how many Jews are heeding the warnings?

Food For Thought.

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