Food For Thought – The Outlawing Of White Nationalism


A consistent theme here at your XYZ is pointing out how the cancerous system is cracking down on White Nationalism. Those who’ve followed this week’s U.S. Congressional hearing on “Hate Crimes and White Nationalism” would’ve noticed how these proceedings have only reinforced our arguments.

But as we know giving greater autonomy to the high IQ, low time preference creators of the occident (i.e. White people) in the current year is bad because reasons and stuff.

This explicit anti-White agenda is being spearheaded by “trusted flaggers” (the likes of which helped get Australia’s “most progressive government” elected), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Facebook/Instagram, Google/YouTube, the MSN and various political and financial actors.

Geez, why all the “comments” I wonder:

This satanic electrified KUBARK-style intelligentsia guiding Western security services against pro-White advocates, are simultaneously wanting even less focus placed on “Black identity extremists” (even though Blacks in the U.S. are 13% of the population they’re responsible for more than 52% of homicides and 84.9% of identified offenders concerning violent crimes between blacks and whites during 2012 to 2013):

With Rolling Stone (aka the “bible of boomer culture”) consistently framing those with White Nationalist sympathies as “buffoons” I can whole-heartedly guarantee you this agenda being instigated by the ruthless reptilian globalist oligarchy will be what awakens the wrath of the Saxon.

Remember, White men are really nice, until they’re not. Food For Thought.

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