Alt-Christ: The emerging Christian revolt against Satanic globohomo disorder


The Western Marxist establishment sure aren’t giving up on their race war schemes.

This is CBS, one of the biggest TV channels in America, agitating for a race war.

And it’s working.

The fire rises. We can see it everywhere if we care to look.

The elites are doing everything they can to provoke a white nationalist response to these outrages from the Western Marxist left, and they think it’s funny.

They have used their control of the education system, media and entertainment industry to brainwash the young, the unstable and the feral to attack white people because racism.

They are literally laughing while their brainwashed minions of the race revolution defecate on our faces now.

And they think it’s utterly hilarious.

And it makes me angry. I’m pretty sure it makes you angry, too.

After all, it’s supposed to.

For years now, we thought criminals at XYZ have been trying to warn the left that this is ultimately a self-destructive path for them to keep pursuing. And by ‘the left’, I mean of course everyone with power, and anyone who still looks up to them. That’s pretty much everyone who still watches TV. The kind of people who think it’s perfectly reasonable to spend your life motionless and expressionless on a couch consuming carbs and watching ads in between shows with canned laugher to let you know they’re funny.

Normies, basically.

We’ve tried to warn them, to engage them, to make them look up from their sportsball-comedy mind control matrix and notice what’s coming for all of us. Instead of listening and seeking to engage with the dangerous and disturbing ideas of the dissident right though, the elites and their normie debt slaves have gone hammer-and-anvil to shut. it. down.

At least we tried.

The ultimate purpose of Western Marxism, that dark abomination hatched in the crooked minds of rootless Central European intellectuals a century ago, is being realised. A global race revolution against white, Christian civilisation is well advanced, and if you speak this truth, you’re a Nazi.

I spent a long time wrestling with God about why He’s let this happen to the once-Christian West. The civilisation which brought the gospel to a benighted globe now being swamped by its denizens; the once-strong white family now a parody of itself, exhausted and estranged through sexual gluttony and moral relativism; the once-proud white man now a figure of mockery and scorn, pushed out of the society his forefathers built while he watches his children be corrupted and perverted by Sodomites on steroids.

It wasn’t so long ago it was all unthinkable.

The children of the men and women in that film went on to abandon the moral law of God and replace it with nihilistic hedonism and superficial materialism, while their parents looked on helpless and powerless to stop it. They didn’t understand why their civilisation was dying, because they couldn’t see who was murdering it.

The rot had already set in, though; the worship of all that was modern and novel over what was ancient and refined, and the crass materialism that accompanied it. The church was already a stale and dead organ of elite privilege, vomited out of the body of Christ long ago (Rev 3:14-22). By the time the Boomers grew into the vacuous, shallow and narcissistic generation they became, the church had no power to push back against their moral decay.

The few Christian believers who remained spent the next five decades waging an ineffective and duplicitous kosher ‘culture war’ against the abominations of the New Left. These meaningless fights over symbolic issues still consume the mainstream Church-industrial complex today, and distract worldly Christians with politics while our enemies use their control of the institutions to push their Satanic globohomo agenda relentlessly forward.

The institutional mainstream church of today is an abomination. It has nothing to do with the righteous and sovereign Creator of the universe. It is a cesspit of decrepit vipers who are either themselves Western Marxist infiltrators or are fake ‘conservatives’ beholden to America’s Zionist masters.

The largest pro-Israel Christian organisation in America, John Hagee’s CUFI, has over 5 million members and is a significant contributor to the tens of billions the US sends to its greatest ally. CUFI uses that power to advocate constantly for war against Iran.

This is not the church. As happens cyclically throughout church history, the official, institutional church has become corrupt, Satanic and heretical. This has happened across the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant denominations. And as with Luther 500 years ago, God is raising up a generation of dissidents who fear and know Him, and who are challenging the ideological hegemony and moral legitimacy of Churchianity.

This is not the alt-right, although the rootless financiers who control the media will call it that as it grows.

It’s the alt-Christ, and it’s rapidly replacing the sclerotic farce which is the institutional church today. It is decentralised, anti-institutional and radically focused on God’s uncomfortable truths over the world’s comforting lies.

Pastor Steven Anderson has been triggering Big Sister now for several years. Like others in the alt-Christ, it was a radical devotion to the truths of scripture which made Anderson reject the world’s way of thinking and speak like Christ. He’s been banned from the UK and vilified across the globohomo media for speaking plain truths. His documentary on Christian Zionism caused an earthquake in the fake Christian establishment.

TruNews has been around for 20 years and has MSM-standard production facilities which they use to pierce the gloom of lies in this dark time. Most amazingly too, they’re Boomers.

XYZ readers are familiar with Vox Day. I like a good fight, but I would never like to fight Vox Day.

Formerly a degenerate Hollywood comic and now a peasant farmer blacklisted by his former buddies, Owen Benjamin is making serious waves exploring what Jesus as truth actually means for a society lost in lies. This video has almost 88K views, even with the shadowbanning, and the like to dislike ratio on his videos is clear evidence the alt-Christ movement has a long way to go.

Having seen how Hollywood and the coastal elite of the US operates, Owen is able to consistently nail the roots of our postmodern slavery. 1 Timothy 6:10 tells us that love of money is the root of all evil, and Owen has given it all up to live a life based on truth rather than gain. In my view, this will be a key element to the alt-Christ movement in the future: rejecting the fleshly pleasures of cities for the spiritual pleasures of rural life. If you can grow your own food or produce goods for others to buy, you can escape the shackles of shekels and live as God intended, each man under his own tree. As we continue to experience the consequences of usury here in Australia, I can see many Aussies realising that we’ve been sold a lie and moving to a simpler life. We’ll be happier, healthier and freer once we do.

Owen is good friends with Devon Stack, who runs the YouTube channel Black Pilled. His normie-friendly analysis of our postmodern swamp is designed to help teach us all to better see through the lies which have destroyed our culture and our way of life.

All of these men have paid a heavy price for standing up to the globohomo orthodoxy. Speaking like Christ in the postmodern Sodom we inhabit today will have real consequences. It might cost you the world, but what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul?

But people are sick of the lies, and if we keep pretending to go along to get along, then our children and grandchildren will suffer. The globohomo system has thrown up several false messiahs in order to keep us on the debt plantation and keep us stuck in meaningless debates over individualism vs collectivism or civic nationalism vs ethnonationalism.

It’s all a distraction. You can save your country once you are saved, but you don’t have the power to do that. Only God does.

This is the core premise behind this emerging alt-Christ movement.

Don’t go down the dark path of nihilism and vengeance for what has been done to your people, but neither sit in your room like a gormless individual washing your penis and taking your pills. Both are deceptions. It doesn’t have to be a choice. God can do both.

Satan is fiendishly clever, but also relentlessly predictable. He can’t create, he can only destroy; and his schemes are always the same. It’s clear to me that his plans for the West are exactly what he did to Germany in the 1940s. We are being provoked to hatred, and have many legitimate examples to point to of injustice against whites. Our grievances are real, and they are also engineered. The enemy’s plan is to make us hate so hard that we destroy ourselves, just as the Germans did.

Today’s race war is being provoked. That doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It means it’s not happening organically.

There is a conspiracy, but not of men. It is a conspiracy of devils.

No matter what you think of Hitler, he destroyed Germany and created Israel. German men now sit down to take a piss. They send billions in tribute to God’s chosen ethnostate. It’s pathetic. The devil won.

It’s not the Way, the Truth and the Life to seek power in order to gain vengeance. You may taste revenge, but it will turn to ashes in your mouth.

If we go down the same path of vengeance and hate, it will destroy us the way it destroyed Germany. Don’t do it. Outsmart the devil.

Choose life. Move to the country. Build a farm. Start a business from scratch that can’t be taken from you. Create a life which doesn’t enslave you to debt-shekels. Raise sons and daughters for the dark age ahead. Expose our enemies and speak plain truths like real men, and don’t let yourself become a mental victim.

Be willing to give up the world.

After all, what’s the worst they can do to you?

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