Food For Thought – The Zionist Effect Of The NZ Shooting


Following on from my initial impression of the Baruch Goldstein style shootings in New Zealand carried out by Brenton Tarrant, some readers queried my branding Brenton a “Zionist”. Some citing this question/answer made by Tarrant on page 19 of his manifesto “The Great Replacement”:

Are you a Fed/shill/mossad agent/false-flag/patsy/infiltrator/antifa/glow in the dark etc?

No, but the next person to attack could be, so a healthy scepticism is a good thing. Just do not allow your scepticism to turn to paranoia and keep you from supporting those that want the best for you.

Let’s invoke a little bit of scepticism here. Brenton Tarrant, who donned a black sun symbol like an Israeli backed Azov Battalion soldier (and who killed like one), carried out a well-executed terrorist operation that has saturated the 24 hour Western news cycle.

Meanwhile Israel’s plan to reoccupy Gaza after a targeted bombing campaign of 100 locations in Gaza during the time of the NZ shooting, was ostensibly swept under the rug by the MSN. Coincidence?

And then there’s this little bit of information which has come to light:

Tarrant’s manifesto (The Great Replacement) repeatedly praised the Zionist Anders Behring Breivik, who too produced a manifesto entitled 2083 A European Declaration of Independence which repeatedly praised Israel. The Great Replacement took valid White Nationalist viewpoints (while down playing the JQ) and marrying it up with terrorist violence, which would only further disenfranchise Whites via disarmament, deplatforming, arbitrary arrest and detention.

Australian internet providers have also taken down sites like 4chan, 8chan, LiveLeak and for “hosting footage of Christchurch attacks”.

BitChute, a platform marketed on “free speech”, has banned the footage. Meanwhile Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (which made the full footage of the shooting available for download hours after the incident) have been allowed to stay active.

Funny how sites like get shutdown following the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting but Facebook, Twitter and YouTube get a pass when they livestream the footage.

It seems Tarrant’s actions serve to benefit a certain ruthless cosmopolitan elite over the interests of the White people. Am I wrong?

Food For Thought

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