Pope signs Catholics up to Satan’s globohomo religion


The Pope in 1095: The Muslims are savages, go exterminate them all! DEUS VULT!

The Pope in 2019: Allah is God too, lezbe frens. Now come here, big boy.

Not creepy at all.

Maybe sola scriptura ain’t looking so bad now, eh papists?

Sorry that’s mean. Evangelical Christian Zionists are also helping bring about the one-world globohomo utopia, so peace.

No more brother wars.

I know plenty of based Catholics hate this Jesuit agent of darkness and most churchgoing Catholics want a return to the pre-Vatican II Church. Most of the flaky Cathcucks who supported Vatican II have left the church by now anyway. The ones who’ve stayed were the ones who never wanted those commie reforms in the first place.

There are still Catholic bros, though, who are holding out hope for a restoration of the One True Holy and Apostolic Church. An insurgency from the traditionalists, to drive out the pedos and poofters and weirdos and cronies of the globohomo agenda and restore the Holy See.

But it’s not gonna happen.


Sorry to tell you boyim, but it’s time we dissidents and thought criminals faced facts. All institutions and organisations in the Western world are utterly and irredeemably subverted. All are compromised. They’ve all been converged.

There will be no restoration of the Catholic Church, just as there will be no political restoration of the West or any country in it. We will be given false hope through false leaders, and they will let us down, and we’ll make excuses for them until we get worn out and give up, disillusioned and deflated.

Because that’s the plan.

Mixed messages, rhetorical hopium and then real disappointment, on the left and the right, while we get poorer and the puppets get rich.

Different faces, same trick.

And we’ll keep getting played because we refuse to take the final blackpill. We refuse to face the final reality of absolute betrayal.

We refuse to go beyond the blackpill to the infinity of freedom.

We refuse to accept that no-one under heaven is coming to save us.

We’re on our own.

We’re alone, waiting for the end.

Our traditions have been corrupted, our customs have been debased, our institutions have been subverted and our minds have been bent by a centuries-old agenda to destroy white, Christian civilisation, replace it with an abomination and through the might of the West spread that abomination across the world.

Now that the West has accomplished that objective, it is ready for it to be collapsed, and the Eurasian millennium to begin. Or at least, that’s what the planners are planning.

Mosaic of the 1581 Bunting Clover Map in Safra Square, Jerusalem, with the city at the centre of the world.

Meanwhile, the whole world has been poisoned by the spirit of abomination. And the whole world hates us for spreading it.

The irony.

We thought we were bringing enlightenment, progress and the technological utopia to a benighted planet, but instead we were merely spreading the materialism, relativism, nihilism and hedonism which enslaved us first.

We have now spread the revolution against natural order and the moral law of God to every corner of the globe.

But it didn’t come from us at first. It’s alien. It’s not part of our cultural DNA. It’s not a part of our faith. It’s a parasite which first took over our civilisation as a host, then used us as a golem to debase and enslave the world.

It’s still too kooky for some people to accept that all of this has been planned. It requires a metaphysical worldview which is too foreign to postmodern man. So let’s take a look at the document just put out by Big Papa Frank and his new bff and see if we can’t trace the trajectory of the murder of our civilisation.

Let’s see if we can figure out where this abomination first came from, as we watch it now openly come out into full view.


Faith leads a believer to see in the other a brother or sister to be supported and loved. Through faith in God, who has created the universe, creatures and all human beings (equal on account of his mercy), believers are called to express this human fraternity by safeguarding creation and the entire universe and supporting all persons, especially the poorest and those most in need.

Well that didn’t take long. This is Marxism in medieval drag. The globalist project is always presented to the world as a solution to the problems of inequality, just as every utopian political movement has appealed to people made desperate by the very same people offering the apparent solution.

Problem + reaction = solution, every time. The Pope and his swarthy bestie here are laying the foundations for the post-chaos solution, to be presented once the people of the world have been made desperate by political chaos, financial ruin and a horrifying war.

I take the word of God as my yardstick for the truth, and the Bible tells me that, halfway through the last seven years of this age, Satan will inhabit a man usually called the anti-Christ and rule the entire world. All false religions will have converged around that man by that time, the world will worship him, and he will rule from the rebuilt Third Temple in Jerusalem.

That’s where this is leading us. It’s the endpoint for the entire globohomo agenda.

We, who believe in God and in the final meeting with Him and His judgment, on the basis of our religious and moral responsibility, and through this Document, call upon ourselves, upon the leaders of the world as well as the architects of international policy and world economy, to work strenuously to spread the culture of tolerance and of living together in peace; to intervene at the earliest opportunity to stop the shedding of innocent blood and bring an end to wars, conflicts, environmental decay and the moral and cultural decline that the world is presently experiencing.


History shows that religious extremism, national extremism and also intolerance have produced in the world, be it in the East or West, what might be referred to as signs of a “third world war being fought piecemeal”. In several parts of the world and in many tragic circumstances these signs have begun to be painfully apparent, as in those situations where the precise number of victims, widows and orphans is unknown. We see, in addition, other regions preparing to become theatres of new conflicts, with outbreaks of tension and a build-up of arms and ammunition, and all this in a global context overshadowed by uncertainty, disillusionment, fear of the future, and controlled by narrow-minded economic interests.

We likewise affirm that major political crises, situations of injustice and lack of equitable distribution of natural resources – which only a rich minority benefit from, to the detriment of the majority of the peoples of the earth – have generated, and continue to generate, vast numbers of poor, infirm and deceased persons. This leads to catastrophic crises that various countries have fallen victim to despite their natural resources and the resourcefulness of young people which characterize these nations. In the face of such crises that result in the deaths of millions of children – wasted away from poverty and hunger – there is an unacceptable silence on the international level.

The same Satanic cabal which used their control of the world’s financial system, media, entertainment industries, organised crime syndicates and organised religions to create the current state of injustice, corruption and degradation, will one day offer the world the solution. The final utopia. My Bible tells me that, in that final iteration of one-world globohomo, people will be willing to take a mark on their hand or forehead in order to make transactions (Revelation 13:16).

That mark may well be a literal symbol such as worn by the Muslims, or it may be a technological item such as a biosecurity chip necessary to use the global cryptocurrency. Either way, it will be presented to the world as the solution to all their problems, and they’ll be desperate for it.

But before we reach that point, the world must be made desperate, and scared, and poor. The League of Nations was presented to the world as a solution after World War I. It coincided with the Balfour Declaration. The United Nations was offered as a solution after World War II, and one of its first acts was to partition Palestine in order to create Satanic Israel. Globalism’s final solution will be the relocation of the UN to Jerusalem, as outlined by former terrorist and Israeli Prime Minister David ben Gurion.

But first, they need the war.

Originally published at www.endtimesherald.com.