Food For Thought – No Speech For Bold Men

Meme by Ryan Fletcher.

It appears Australia’s High Court has made it clear that cases pertaining to free speech for White Australians will not be heard in the highest court of the land. Nine News reports:

Far-right activist Blair Cottrell has had his bid to fight for “free speech” in the High Court knocked back but will continue his campaign in Victoria’s County Court.

Cottrell, who has links to a number of far-right organisations including the United Patriots Front, appeared in the country court appealing his conviction for inciting hatred, contempt and ridicule of Muslims after making a video beheading a dummy in protest of a Bendigo mosque.

After news that his High Court application had been dismissed, Cottrell’s lawyer John Bolton said he would argue in the County Court that there is “no such class of persons as Muslims” that could be offended by the video, given the variety among the Islamic faith.
Blair was noted as having said in the article:

“It’s being drawn out deliberately, I think, probably to see how much money we’ve got,” “I’m not going to give up.”

As someone who featured in an Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) 2018 Report, I find Blair’s tenacity to be a source of strength as the Rights of White Australians are thrown to the wind.

Considering the cultural enrichment of our immigration, at what point will normie Australian’s awaken from their globalist induced comas and start standing up in defiance of this cancer?

Food For Thought.

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