Food For Thought – Cartooning A Crime Against Jews

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Over the last couple of years I’ve taken a shine to the art of cartooning. Regularly submitting my parody pastimes to your XYZ (with some alliterated musings), I’ve managed to garner a lot of support from fellow Nationalists (as well as a lot of bile fuelled bitterness from black bloc haters who routinely threaten my family, friends, employment and life).

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry lists me in their 2018 report as one of Australia’s leading anti-Semites (ergo Australia’s current leading anti-Semitic cartoonist).

Hence why this Haaretz article caught my attention this morning:

Brazilian Jews have filed a lawsuit against an iconic cartoonist over a drawing that was considered anti-Semitic.

The Rio Jewish federation sued cartoonist Aroeira for his image featuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, in a hug with their arms held in the shape of a swastika. The cartoon was published by O Dia newspaper and circulated on social media.

It looks like cartoonist Renato Aroeira is about to learn the same lesson Maurice Sinet (aka Siné), political cartoonist with Charlie Hebdo for 20 years, learnt when satirizing the Jews:

Personally, as an atypical neuroleptic fuelled aged care worker who moonlights as an activist and satirist, I welcome having the kippah crowd come after me with all they’ve got.

Food For Thought.

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