Food For Thought – Better To Be Far Right Than Far Wrong


Australia currently serves the interests of the kippah-wearing 0.4% of the population in this country who seek to syphon off the nation’s resources for themselves and their Zionist Shabbos goy underlings.

Putting our White flesh through the proverbial meat-grinder of proxy wars, drug deaths and general ethnocide, our kosher overlords happily hand over our humble holdings (via taxes and “bust and boom” crapitalism) to their “antifascista” gutter freaks (who take their marching orders from the affluent afterbirth of millionaire mouth-breathers, aka trust-fund Trotskyites).

Hence the Hasbara churned out by anti-White establishment ZOGbots like Max Koslowski over at Sydney Morning Herald:

“Australia’s far-right has cycled through enemies over the years – Islam, the media, Jews, the elites, African gangs – but with their constant infighting, division, ego and lack of leadership, they continue to ensure their biggest enemy is themselves.”

But fear not, the delusional disarray that Antifa lacky Max Koslowski talks of is lacking congruity and coherence. Yet Max’s mates appear to be getting desperate, as they resort to attempted assassinations of nationalist politicians (after bombing their party headquarters):

What is beginning to awaken in Australians who are sympathetic to the dissident “fascist” Right (as opposed to a conservative who has failed to conserve anything) is that when the Left fights with the tactics of warfare and espionage you can no longer rely on the virtues of civil discourse to solve disputes.

Food For Thought.

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