VIDEO: Chinese resellers strip baby formula from Melbourne supermarket


Took the fam to see some suburban Christmas lights this evening. Don’t have pics, but they were pretty ace.

It makes my heart swell to see people put money and time to create something beautiful just simply so that those in their community can come and enjoy it. Everyone delighting in our shared customs, shared language, shared faith even. It was beautiful. A white Christmas.

It made my Protestant heart swell even more to see some enterprising primary school kids on the street had set up stalls selling food and drinks. If there’s anything to make the Christmas season even more perfect, it’s to see small children setting up small businesses illegally.

Small business is what built this great country. Honest profits build civilisation.

Dishonest profits, however, destroy it. There is a type of profiteering which is parasitic and predatory. It has no place in a decent country.

It should be deported. Immediately.

What astonishes me most, watching those soulless parasites stealing baby formula meant for children who live in this country, is that the Aussie men around them let it happen. What happened to this country? Have the chemicals in the water really made us such weak-willed cowards that we would stand and let this happen without driving these parasites out of the store, with force if necessary?

The civic nationalist alt-liters out there would have you believe that this is just a random group of people who happen to be taking advantage of an opportunity in the free market. It’s just capitalism. We shouldn’t impose upon their individual rights by preventing these people from making a living…

We might not like it, but we wouldn’t want to become racist, would we?

This is why civic nationalism, and the postmodern liberalism it relies upon, cannot address the smorgasbord of problems destroying our country.

These people need to be driven out of this country, preferably with whips, as an example to others that such behaviour will not be tolerated. We used to do things like that, before we were lulled to sleep by the siren song of the European-style socialists.

That’s why we must return to the mild and reasonable form of ethnic nationalism which prevailed in this country prior to the 60’s. The type of sensible nationalism proposed by men like Senator Fraser Anning.

It’s not based on hate. It’s what we must do for our children.

For if we don’t, one day, they’ll really go hungry.

Thanks to the Stand Up For Australia Facebook page for the video. Used with permission from creator.

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