Food For Thought – The Bolshevik Business Of Big Tech And Bad Banks


Whether it be handing out joints from a stage to a crowd of stoners on April 20th or IRL protesting of government enforced multiculturalism, I’ve not shied away from acts of civil disobedience in my past politicking.

However, civil disobedience toward Big Tech “hate speech” policies by “thought-criminals” who express opposition to the subsidisation of third world invaders, communist welfare payments and White genocide, has led to their being increasingly made a “nonperson” by the Silicon Valley/Federal Reserve Oligarchs.

These Oligarchs, who’s online infrastructure was paid for by the same tax-payers targeted by this “unpersoning” process, rely on criminal communist rioters (aka “trusted flaggers”) who’ve been provided impunity to violently attack “thought-criminals” both IRL and online.

Any push back against these criminal communist rioters is swiftly dubbed “hate-crime” and is met with public doxing, dead-agenting, employment termination, denial of service from social media and financial institutions, as well as vexatious litigation (aka “lawfare”) resulting in bankruptcy and decade long imprisonment.

But as President John F. Kennedy, who sought to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest (Executive Order No. 11110), once famously stated:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Hence why the fake news pariahs like ProPublica and Frontline are whipping up hysterical headlines like these of late:

To quote Christopher Cantwell:

“If you want a Libertarian type of society, if you want a society that runs like a Libertarian social order you have to defeat the Left. You cannot have Communism and Libertarianism in the same space. You just can’t do it. And so Democracy is anathema to Libertarianism. Democracy is little more than a soft synonym for Communism and so you have to be an anti-Communist to be a Libertarian, and you know who fights communism better than anybody?”

Food For Thought.