Big Sister’s banhammer will radicalise us all


The Proud Boys thought they could avoid the Great Shutting Down by using their Asian girlfriends as human shields.

Think again, boyim.

Proud Boys are now a ‘militia’.

It’s not just the Proud Boys, of course. There are Twitter accounts, personal Facebook accounts and YouTube channels dropping faster than lice in a Polish crematorium. Anyone to the right of Trotsky is a target.

Vincent James O’Connor, creator of the Red Elephants news site and YouTube channel, has had his Twitter account taken down. Ryan Dawson, anti-Zionist truther, has had his Vimeo shut down. Years worth of documentaries and news updates disappeared, with no reason given., the digital ghetto so many of us had been railroaded into after being thrown off Facebook and Twitter in earlier purges, has been taken down by its service provider. The justification given was that the nutjob who shot up the synagogue in Pittsburgh had an account.

I wonder if he had an Amazon account, too? Why was it not taken down?

This practice of the far left lobbying hosting companies to take down websites at the hosting level is gathering steam. LifeSite, a Christian pro-life news outlet, has been taken down through pressure on its hosting company.

That is religious persecution, and it’s happening with only a lukewarm response from the establishment right. As the Satanic left realise they can get away with it, they’ll start forcing churches to close and Bibles to be destroyed. And they’ll do it incrementally, so that by the time it’s affecting large numbers of normies, it’ll be too late to mount a defence.

The sites and accounts being shut down now said nothing when it was Daily Stormer and being censored. As usual, the establishment wedged the right in order to divide and destroy.

It’s the digital equivalent of living in Moscow during the purges. One day your comrade is there eating his bacon fat porridge and vodka rations; the next day, gone. With no explanation, no justification, no possibility for redemption. Just unpersoned.

The campaign against the Proud Boys has been particularly chilling. Gavin McInnes, the leader of the civic nationalist movement, has been booted by Facebook and Instagram. Any Facebook or Twitter accounts which stated membership of the group have been shuttered, and groups with tens of thousands of members have disappeared.

The catalyst for this sudden raid on McInnes’ #MAGA hat club was a group of Proud Boys winning a fight against Antifa in New York earlier in October. As can be expected when normal males engage Antifa without police protection in even numbers, the Proud Boys pummeled their Antifa opponents. The altercation was caught on film, and of course, the Proud Boys involved are now being charged.

Which never happens with Antifa, but we know that. Because they are the AIDS-ridden guard dogs for the Big Sister establishment.

What is most disturbing about the Proud Boys shutdown, though, has been the accompanying outrageous propaganda campaign by the lying media. The Proud Boys are civic nationalists; they fight just as hard against ‘Nazis’ as they do against Antifa. They all have very clean rooms and take their pills.

Despite this though, the lying media have smeared them as neo-Nazis, racists, purveyors of hate, a cult and basically Every Bad Thing.

The journalists who write the articles misrepresenting the right while hiding Antifa violence which are then used by ethnic lobby groups like the ADL & SPLC in America and ECAJ & ADC here to pressure tech companies and politicians to censor dissidents are the same people. They all play their role in a network of far-left social control designed to make sure that Western Marxism keeps marching uninterrupted through the institutions and classrooms of our nation.

From the article:

So Proud Boys are homophobic Western chauvinists and Antifa get the “fingers-in-the-air-cos-they-don’t-really-exist” treatment. Nice journalism, Daily Beast.

It’s a propaganda circle jerk designed to gaslight the normies. And it’s becoming steadily less effective, which means that one day it will stop working altogether.

Then Big Sister will get real nasty. She will have to.

The social engineers and ethnic lobby groups who tell politicians and corporations what policies to implement are doing this because they think it will work. They’ve beta-tested it on small furry creatures and it got short-term results, so they’re rolling it out. They admitted as much.

‘The research’ is a surefire sign of la bullshit. A great irony with this story is that Gavin McInnes co-founded VICE in the mid-1990’s. The revolution always eats its children.

This links with the problem more generally of how we are governed. Short-termism and hubris are the hallmarks of our elites, and these are always catastrophic down the road.

Cracking down, censoring, marginalising and smearing only serve to feed the revolution. They make us evolve, make us more certain in our convictions and make us have less to lose.

They radicalise us.

The gunman who entered Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and killed 11 elderly Jews was a gift to the censors and those who want to eradicate all dissent. Jewish lobby groups across the West immediately began making hay out of the tragedy.

Research Officer for the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Julie Nathan, fired off a piece for their ABC linking anyone who thinks whites are being replaced with incitement to murder.

According to Julie, anyone who looks at a chart and extrapolates what the white population of Western countries will be in 2050 and then expresses alarm is inciting people to shoot up synagogues, and so therefore must be shut down by the state. I’m sure Julie would only be satisfied once anyone who expresses such views is imprisoned. Julie’s already compiling lists and evidence for the show trials. She publishes detailed annual reports on anyone who has criticised Jews or Israel in Australia that year.

If you think that is far-fetched, you don’t know your history. Genocides and persecutions begin first by dehumanising and censoring the target group, then progress toward state violence over time. Angry white men noticing patterns are already the untermenschen of the postmodern West; the group to which anything can be done, as the Proud Boys are now finding out. And all the virtue-signalling in the world won’t protect you once you’ve been designated a wrongthinker.

What angers some of us in this group now considered by the left to be subhumans is that there is a double standard at play. While white men noticing they’re being slandered, gaslit and replaced is becoming a hate crime in the West, ethnic lobby groups like the ECAJ have carte blanche to aggressively pursue the interests of their ethnic group inside Western countries.

Double standards like this make people who feel they are being targeted angry, and angry people do stupid and wicked things. As I’ve argued many times before, the only way we’re going to ease the social tension and avoid the breakup of Western societies is if the legitimate grievances of the dissident right are given voice. The ideological and institutional hegemony of the far left must be relinquished. Smearing, gaslighting and imprisoning people for wrongthink won’t work forever. It only makes the people who are being oppressed see themselves as one class, and the ideological divides which had kept them disorganised in the past quickly fall away.

Do people like Julie really want to see what happens when white men start to identify as one class and begin identifying which groups need to be targeted for payback? When white ethnic lobby groups start keeping lists of names and evidence? Does Julie want to see what happens when white-owned media start calling for certain groups to have power and rights taken away from them?

It seems she must, because that’s where we’re headed.

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