Real conservatives attempt to influence Australian politics: Commie ABC writes conspiracy piece


One hundred million. Look at all those zeros.


That takes a lot of killing. And it is just a conservative estimate. The only other political ideology which has killed more people is Islam, and it had a 1300 year head start over communism.

The people of a nation would hope that anybody who tried to downplay the danger or the crimes of such a genocidal ideology would be called out for the dog-whistling bigot that they are, pushed from their job and ostracised from society. Yet far left conspiracy blog the ABC receives a billion stolen dollars a year – $1,000,000,000 – to downplay the danger and the crimes of a regime – East Germany – which only very recently stopped inflicting hell on its population.

You would think that anybody who openly supports communism, an idea which has killed more people than the two worst wars in European history, should be put in prison for inciting violence via the advocation of a genocidal policy. Yet when an open supporter of communism – Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon – is elected to sit in the highest legislative body in the land, far-left conspiracy site the ABC invites her to pay tribute to a retired fellow communist:

You would think that if a brave elected official understood that supporters of the genocidal philosophy of communism, and agents of the genocidal foreign power which it embodies, infested every level of your country’s government, bureaucracy, education system and entertainment industry, and he did everything in his power to bring these spies, traitors and criminals to justice that he would be lauded as a national hero, both in his day and for posterity. Yet not only was Joe McCarthy hounded to his death, communists use his name as an insult – “McCarthyism” – against anybody who tries to warn against the influence of the the most genocidal political system of the last two centuries, and the ABC refers to him as:

“..the Republican Wisconsin senator whose smear tactics alleging Communist infiltration ultimately led to his censure.”

Surely, surely you would think that if masked terrorists who openly supported communism and/or its anarchist retarded cousin were to routinely commit vandalism and assault against anybody who openly advocated conservative political positions, that those entrusted with providing balanced news, by virtue of their charter, would report this honestly, and concede that this terrorist organisation needed to be forcefully disbanded by the police and its criminal members put on trial. Yet when a former member of Antifa – Shayne Hunter – made public the danger the terrorist outfit poses to our community and our nation, the ABC attacked the whistle blower, not Antifa.

Oh yeah.

And now this:

“The ABC has uncovered a covert plot by Australia’s alt-right movement to join major political parties and influence their policy agendas from within.

Background Briefing has witnessed members of the NSW Young Nationals in Sydney attending a secret men’s-only fight club set up by some of the country’s most prominent alt-right nationalists.

The program has also gained access to a private Facebook group in which these same people discuss their manifesto, which includes plans to shake up mainstream politics.

The group is called The New Guard and its followers are self-described fascists.

At least three NSW Young Nationals — including Clifford Jennings, who sits on the executive of the party’s youth wing — are, or recently have been, members.”

When it emerged that the most hardcore communist political party in the land, the Greens, had in it a faction – Left Renewal – which was even more hardcore communist and was attempting to drive the party even more hardcore communist, the hardcore communist site the ABC reported on it as though it was just the normal goings on of a functional democracy, rather than a clear and present danger to the safety of the people.

And when real conservatives, alarmed at the communist infiltration of their government, bureaucracy, education system and entertainment industry, attempt to take back control of the fake conservative parties which are supposed to serve as a bulwark against communism, and to halt the importation of foreigners by said communists in order to demographically displace real Australians with people more inclined to vote for communism, the ABC slanders them as “fascists”:

“Among the new members was Mr Jennings, who put forward a series of controversial motions.

The first motion called on the NSW Young Nationals to “endorse immigration from culturally compatible peoples and nations” while supporting “strict immigration controls for those who are not”.

Mr Jennings also introduced motions backing the offer of refugee status to white South African farmers, and the expansion of coal and nuclear power.

Mr Gordon, 23, said it looked like a classic branch stacking exercise designed to push the party’s youth wing to the right.”

The horror.

The majority of Australians support an end to mass immigration from the third world, and the maintenance of modest immigration levels of people who are ethnically related to us and who share our European Christian heritage, yet our fake conservative political parties who we elected in the hope of achieving this continue to import hundreds of thousands of people into Australia every year.

The ABC is an openly communist organisation, and our fake conservative political parties which currently hold power are so cucked that they cannot even consider abolishing it.

Real Australians thus have two options:

  1. Form a new real conservative party to either drag the Liberal Party back to the right or to replace it entirely.
  2. Take back control our our ostensibly conservative parties by any means necessary.

Ideally, politicians such as Pauline Hanson, Bob Katter, Fraser Anning, Cory Bernardi and David Leyonhjelm should be the key cabinet members in a real conservative Liberal Party. At the very least they should be encouraged to join forces into a mega conservative party. And we should applaud the young men who have taken real steps toward option 2.

We need moe people like this. So, if you are a real conservative, a patriot, a libertarian, a nationalist, get out there and form a club, have a vetting procedure so that communist infiltrators won’t report on communist conspiracy sites about all the horrible political opinions you held and nasty things you said before you arrived at a position which would actually appeal to ordinary real Australians.

And get out there and do some branch stacking.