President Trump names the Soros


In 2016, Donald Trump started taking on the Marxist demons like a space marine in Doom. The NPC’s keep hurling themselves against him, and he just keeps on blowing their brains out.

It’s like he found the god mode cheat IRL.

The final boss is within reach.

Or maybe he’s not the final boss. Maybe the true money power overlords use their control of central banking to create money out of thin air and hand it to Marxist fanatics like Soros to advance their one-world agenda. Maybe they fund both sides and also fund Trump’s Zionist backer Sheldon Adelson. Maybe the Marxist internationalist-Zionist nationalist dialectic is being used by the shadow elite to bring the world under one government after World War III.

Nah maybe that’s just crazy talk. Either way, space marine Donald has called out this level boss.

And as you’d expect, kosher Twitter lost its collectivist hive mind.

All of those tweeters have something in common. I’ll let you guess what it is. Probably just a coincidence.

We on the dissident fringe have been calling out Soros’ political puppeteering for years now. It was one of my main themes when I wrote for the Daily Caller. Gotta say, it’s mighty gratifying that it’s now being tweeted at 2am from the Executive Residence of the once-again White House.

It’s a theme the Daily Caller has been at the cutting-edge of exposing to the normiesphere.

This isn’t a new development. The history of the modern period has been that of the shadow financial elite using social engineering through the funding of revolutions, wars, financial panics and false flags to bring order out of chaos. They create the chaos, then they propose the order. Usually a new order. Ultimately, a new world order.

I look forward to the day POTUS uses the hashtag #NWO. Maybe he’ll even @ a Rothschild.

Until then, there is much NPC blood that must splatter the walls.