Food For Thought – Widget The White Watcher


Howdy earth dwellers, I’m Widget the White watcher. Today we’ll be exploring what it’s like to be a White person living in a “White Supremacist” nation.

Firstly, Whites ostensibly have to pull ‘an Elizabeth Warren’ to get anywhere in Higher Education, as White university admission rates have been drastically declining as multicultural “affirmative action” quotas have been increasing:

Whites can’t have direct political, social or economic appeals made to them without such appeals being branded ‘hate-speech’ and are thusly denied autonomy in their own respective nations as non-White “new arrivals” flood in:

Whites, whose very ancestry pioneered the occident, are pressured to be the repository of all societal ills and thus called to repent by prostrating themselves before the alter of deconstructionism, decolonisation and debasement:

Just a remember you can’t get away from your DNA:

Food For Thought.

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