Food For Thought – They Are Scared


It appears the some fans of Noel Ignatiev’s “Treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity” sentiment, have become the targets of some “asshole with a gun and and a death wish” and Haaretz is making sure to rope Gab into the mix:

Gab, which has been experiencing economic sabotage via way of denial of service by credit card processors, are seemingly being driven into a deplatforming scenario:

This all comes about only days after some alleged MAGA enthusiast (who exclusively followed Democrats on Twitter and didn’t even follow his supposed idol @RealDonaldTrump) sent fake bombs to Communist Democrats like Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Barack Obama, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Maxine Waters:

This all comes about only days away from the U.S. mid-term elections. Is it just me or do you smell Far-Left False Flag interference in all of this?

Food For Thought.

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