Food For Thought – The Eternal Victims Are Our Misfortune


The cosmopolitan elite, who hate the Hellenic ideal and project their deep-seated fear and loathing of White people into such things as “Whiteness studies” at Marxist riddled campuses, are saturating the Google news alerts with headlines such as this at the moment:

Christopher Cantwell, one of the most sterling voices on what’s deemed the “Far Right”, wrote today in his article Gab Is Under Attack. Now What?

“We’ve been trying to tell people the truth about what happened out there, what really led up to it, and what happened in its wake. In response, we have been defamed, silenced, assaulted, framed for crimes, sued, and cut off from the financial system as we’ve made that effort. All the major social media platforms, all the major payment systems, even domain registrars, registries, hosting companies, and DDOS protection services have participated in this effort to prevent you from knowing the truth.

“Some people are very, very angry about this. They have decided that it is no longer worth the effort to talk. They are deciding that violence is the only answer, and powerful people are working overtime to prove them right.”

With Alt-Right persons here in Australia (like the rest of the Western world) being purged from political parties for calling out these war-mongering paedophile elite, it is clear we are being denied all democratic avenues for our grievances and thus “violence becomes the language of the unheard”:

Food For Thought.

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