Food For Thought – YouTube Is Evil


As most XYZers would know, normie-centric social media is no friend of the Alt-Right. YouTube, amongst other platforms, have exorcised many top tier content creators with Right-wing leanings from its site. As XYZ editor David Hiscox has reported recently, they are continuing to come for your channel!

Yet this doesn’t stop the cancerous cretins at Vox from asserting:

I suppose YouTube is “ground zero for far-right movement recruiting” if you consider some of the delightful pieces of Far-Left Communist propaganda that makes their way onto the site.
Case in point, A Serbian Film:

A Serbian Film was written by Aleksandar Radivojević (son of Miloš Radivojević, who came from a communist family) and Srđan Spasojević (who is also the film’s Director and one of its Producers). One reviewer summarizes it by saying “this film made Cannibal Holocaust look like a Disney film” (but don’t get me started on post-Walt Disney current year productions).

Considered the most sadistically perverse production ever made, the film has been banned in Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Norway, due to its graphic depictions of rape, necrophilia and child sexual abuse.

Just another reason why it’s alright to be Alt Right and hate the evil coming from these Satanic services:

Food For Thought

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