Food For Thought – But Muh Misfortune Mavens


Molly McKew, the morbidly obese Neo-Con Trotskyite Yenta The Hutt, who has worked as a Lobbyist for the Podesta Group, last week branded Kavanaugh supporters “Information Terrorists”:

She prefers the pronoun “Information Warfare Expert”, however it seems only “allies” of a certain clique of currency collapsers consider this to be a legit title for the land-whale.
Anywho, examining the etymology of the term “terrorist” reveals the underlying psychological projection that Molly and her mamzer mates are expert in.

Dr. Clive Williams, a former Army intelligence officer and academic in terrorism and counterterrorism, politically motivated violence, insurgency and counterinsurgency, writes in his 2004 book Terrorism Explained: The Facts About Terrorism and Terrorist Groups:

“The first documented examples of terrorism were the activities of the zealots in Palestine, during 6-73 AD. The Jewish Zealots were attempting to resist Roman rule. It is said that their Sicarii, or knife men, would use the cover of crowds to stab Roman officials.”

Folks like Molly “moar shekels” McKew are the sort of bad actors providing crowd cover for those looking to physically and proverbially “knife” those supporting the Romanesque rule of God Emperor Trump.

In the current year, parasitic transference from Axis and Allied power nations alike, continues to sustain Sicarii-style statecraft that controls quisling governments around the world with silver or lead (aka “Plata O Plomo”) diplomacy.

However as we “Information Terrorists” like to point out, our enemy more often enough are shooting themselves in the foot with their sham revisionism and treasonous affiliations.

Food For Thought.

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