The only real racism left is the racism ON the left


Examples of leftist hatred toward any ethnic group, gender or religious group that stray from the confines of leftist dogma prescribed to them by intellectual and cultural elites are so numerous, they can barely be covered in a PhD piece or even a documentary. They would barely even be touched on in an HBO series, so comprehensively detailing them here won’t be possible.

However, one documentary that really illustrates the phenomena of leftist racism is Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘Hillary’s America: The secret history of the Democrat Party’.

It was one of the highest grossing political documentaries in US history, being more successful than most of Michael Moore’s movies, yet you wouldn’t know it as Hollywood and the media have blacked out much of D’souza’s success. Unsurprisingly though, a great deal of attention was forwarded to his – now pardoned – misappropriation of campaign funds, while Rosie O’Donell’s identical and numerous crimes of the same nature were largely ignored.

In any case, D’Souza’s work shows how when the Democrat Party could no longer enslave blacks physically for their labour, they began to enslave them mentally for their vote. Thus a new era of the left projecting racism onto their political rivals began.

In the US it’s almost a certainty that the moment an African American steps out of line from leftist talking points that they’ll be hounded with insults such as Coon, Uncle Tom and – my personal favourite – race traitor.

Rapper Willie D of Geto Boys fame dedicated a whole song to blacks who stray off the mental plantation. He fittingly entitled the medley ‘Coon’ and singles out Charles Barkley, Stacy Dash and Stephen A. Smith whom, in a separate video Willie describes as “America’s *TOP COON*”. The hook in this amiable little number goes:

If you’re selling out your people you’re a coon
If you hate your own kind you’re a coon
Bootlicker shuck and jive you’re a coon
You’re a coon you’re a coon you’re a coon
If you’re selling out your people you’re a coon
If you hate your own kind you’re a coon
Sambo die slow you’re a coon
You’re a coon you’re a coon you’re a coon

Willie D. has also dissed Michael Jordan, Steve Harvey and Ben Carson for not being militant Black Panther enough for his liking.

Closer to home it’s also remarkably easy to witness the same kind of raw, immodest abuse flung at non-whites who find themselves favouring Conservative inclinations. Warren Mundine has had to bare much of this burden but it seems that Jacinta Price is recently chief among targets for a particularly vicious kind of racial hatred. There is something quite chilling about the very casual manner in which individuals on social media bombard Price with threats of violence and abuse.

Of course such abuse is not limited to non-whites who find themselves shifting away from the victimology mindset that they’re supposed to gobble down on account of their race. Reformist Muslims, Conservative gays and Conservative women are all subject to the leftist hate fest as Imam Tawhidi, Milo Yiannopolous Miranda Devine, Rita Panahi and many others will attest to. Such examples are best saved for another time though.

The best defence that the mainstream left seem to have against such dissidents is to smear, ignore and sometimes just patronize them. In May 2016 a Sydney Morning Herald article described gay indigenous candidate Geoffrey Winters by stating:

“Twenty-seven, gay and Indigenous he arguably falls outside the popular conception of what a Liberal candidate might look like”.

Without being overtly abusive, left leaning commentators and ‘journalists’ would like to perpetuate the idea that black conservatives are not the norm, nor should they be. The message being conveyed is: ‘if you think black conservatives are weird, you’d be right’.

Maybe it is somewhat of an oddity at this present point in time and there’s a good deal to be discussed on why that is, but arguably the crucial question to be asked is why MUST leftist ideals inherently be for blacks? In the US all cities that have been run by Democrats for a lengthy period are cess pools of violent crime, broken homes and welfare dependency, not to mention havens for illegal aliens.

In Australia Gough Whitlam’s Labour Party transformed a rapidly developing post WW2 indigenous population into thralls of welfare, once and for all diminishing any real hope of SELF determination for aborigines both rural and urban.

Leftist policies give resources to the undeserving while convincing them that they’re entitled because of the wrong doing of previous white generations, thus incentivising the perpetual grievance mongering. This has never and will never elevate a people out of poverty nor give them a strength of purpose, and therefore will never ‘Close the Gap’. Welfare does little more than denigrate human dignity. It’s nothing more than a neat looking band aid that makes politicians look like they’re making a positive difference when in fact they’re keeping blacks in the subservient squalor of the victimhood mindset, telling them all the while that they’re being saved.

Conservative or libertarian narratives of Western democracy are positive principles to live by for all, but none more so than those who find themselves marginalised in a socio-economic sense. To insinuate that one is a race traitor for seeing this is unreservedly racist, and much more so than something like pointing out documented facts like crime statistics. Anyone who believes that facts are racist is clearly woefully unfit for any efforts in solving social ills.

More to the point, to suggest that a person of colour is betraying a side because of Conservative beliefs is to suggest that they’re restricted to thinking in a certain way on account of nothing more than the ethnicity they were born with. This is fundamentally judging someone by the colour of their skin instead of the content of their character. There is no clearer example of racism on this earth.

People of colour, blacks, half breeds and the like need to understand – as many are beginning to – that the white leftist is not your friend. Even Malcolm X understood this and it may well have been one of the many things that led to his shooting, but it’s a brand new day and there’s never been a better time to shake off the shackles of leftist racial indoctrination. It’s abundantly clear now that this is not a political class taking care of the downtrodden. This is an abusive husband providing a roof over a wife and child, giving enough to keep them loyal, maintaining their dependency and thus prolonging their suffering in order to reinforce his sense of dominance.

It’s time to #WalkAway and get #OffThePlantation.