The left are hate-fuelled fanatics


Observing the educated chattering class and certain voices in the mainstream media, one might assume that Australia has an issue surrounding extremism and the polarisation of political factions, as being seriously problematic and a hindrance to social cohesion. An honest closer examination will find that politically motivated violence and extremism is entirely a one way street.

Should one ever be confronted with the utterly nonsensical assertion that ‘the right are just as bad as the left’, there are some questions that should be asked immediately and in close succession. They are as follows:

When was the last time a Greens Senator had their office trashed for one of their leanings on public policy?

When was the last time a leftist politician was head-butted by a conservative?

How many elected left leaning public figures have been advised to cancel speaking events by Police due to the level of danger posed by Conservative protestors?

How many Conservative activists have opposed Leftist book launches by proclaiming: ”Let’s make this book launch a thoroughly unpleasant affair”?

Far-left thugs assualt ordinary Australians at a conservative book launch in February 2017. Screenshot from the Herald Sun.

When the last time a Conservative or patriotic group violently sought to shut down a leftist rally?

When was the last time Conservative protestors physically blocked leftists from getting on buses to attend a fundraiser headlined by elected representatives?

Name one occasion where Conservatives have set upon a leftist in the street and attempted to physically assault them?

To make matters worse, the mainstream left in the media seem to make light of their extremist storm troopers and brown shirts. Even John Oliver – though attempting a lame declaration of not condoning violence – found amusement from Tony Abbott’s run in with a violent anarchist from Tasmania.

When not being amused by political violence there seems to be a concerted effort to shape criticism against leftist aggression in sympathetic tones. A Sydney Morning Herald piece that was written shortly after Andrew Bolt was attacked by Antifa clowns in Lygon Street quoted Dr. Troy Whitford, a history and politics lecturer at Charles Sturt University. He stated:

“..political violence in Melbourne was “nothing new” but it had been a long time since violence from the far-left had been as prominent”.

The SMH article explained:

“Antifa takes its inspiration from the German Antifaschistische Aktion network that arose prior to World War II. Dr Whitford described the Australian version as a loosely-assembled “reactionary group” that seeks to combat the alternative-right, with a particular focus on defending multiculturalism, anti-racism and feminism.”

Personally I don’t recall a time where Unions have not protested through the streets led by convicted criminals, waving banners claiming that they are at war, but I do concede that a new violently intolerant desperation has become a distinctive feature of political activism on the left.

A grossly incorrect assertion however, is that Antifa and their ilk are seeking to counteract the influence of the ‘Alt-Right’ in Australia. This suggests that they are extremists against another form of extremism, which could not be further from the truth. Observing everything from online polls and petitions to State and Federal elections, it’s clear that many Australians favour tight borders and low taxes, while opposing mass immigration and expensive power bills that are based on Green-Marxist climate dogma.

The leftists in our streets aren’t opposed to fringe-dwelling white supremacists, because to them anyone who favours sensible border policies, sees the unmistakable violent nature of Islam, and views Western Civilisation in a positive light is a fringe-dwelling white supremacist. None of these positions are extreme unless of course you’re an extremist.

Yet to go further into the suggestion of left and right equally needing to claim ownership of their extremist behaviour, let us actually examine how much the right condones its more radical elements. When Milo Yiannopoulos came to Australia to do his talks, Andrew Bolt – hero of the right and victim of leftist thuggery – was appalled at Milo’s well-aimed, justified and hilarious jabs at controversy wench Clementine Ford, proudly displaying images of her with the proclamation ‘unfuckable’ attached.

Spot on. From YouTube.

Why so sensitive Bolt?

In the UK Tommy Robinson left the English Defence League – the group he founded – following their descent into extremism. Robinson himself stated:

“I acknowledge the dangers of far-right extremism and the ongoing need to counter Islamist ideology not with violence but with better, democratic ideas”.

It’s easy to find footage of Pegida in Germany physically removing neo-Nazi elements from their rallies or the Proud Boys vocally expelling white supremacists from their gatherings.

At every level the right know where to draw the line and they make a very serious point of drawing it. Jordan Peterson and Daisy Cousens have observed this phenomenon and have noted that it’s around the point where Western chauvinism turns to racial superiority that the line is drawn, and in many cases quite vigorously. No such line is drawn on the left; in fact it’s continuously obscured, justified or simply ignored.

Another common fault in the discussion about political extremism is the use of the term ‘far-right’. Even the term ‘right-wing’ implies a belief system that is on the fringe edges of what can be accepted in polite society. To reiterate the above statements, there is nothing extreme about wanting to maintain border integrity, nor is there anything unruly about making a rational correlation between Islamic doctrine and the violence carried out in its name. There is nothing loony about a healthy scepticism about climate alarmist canon. Wishing to not commit cultural/demographic suicide through mass migration is also reasonable and knowing that there are only to genders is just plain, bare, unflinchingly true to life fact. Not only are these positions perfectly sensible but the opposition to them is increasingly unhinged, which only serves to illustrate their practicality.

As more and more high profile personalities in politics, entertainment, media and business abandon the left, it really has become a place where only the extremist can remain. There are very few worthwhile, tenable positions to be held on the political left, as evidenced by the outrageous and childish attempts at authoritarian censorship of their political rivals. As the political conscience of a new generation awakens, it’s abundantly clear which side of the political spectrum has the answers their young minds seek, and which side comprises of the hate-fuelled fanatics who seek to forcefully impose their way on the world. The left have never quite realised how much they share in common with the Khmer Rouge while, the right show all the hallmarks of a new and exciting broad church of thought and practical solutions to the issues that plague our civilisation.

Fortunately for generation Z, their choice of political leanings is a relatively easy one. All we need to do is keep on keeping on.

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Samuel Medici
Samuel studied International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies and is deeply interested in conflict and strategy. He first became interested in Geopolitics after listening to a rap group known as the Outlaws who's individual rappers are named after military dictators, a couple of whom have now been deposed. The ingenious, proportionate and moral application of aggression are a common theme in Samuel's writing, along with an eloquently sinister red pilling with the intent of decimating the Neo-Marxist status quo. One might say, a red pillaging. Samuel served in the Australian Army. He draws inspiration for his writing from the likes of Christopher Hitchens, Dinesh D'Souza, Steven Crowder, Eazy E, Tywin Lannister and Conan the Barbarian. His long term aspiration is to see leftist thought diagnosed as a character disorder and no longer serve as a political leaning.