Mohammed was a pedophile


Is it still a free country when a hot foreigner can’t walk down a street and ask a question anymore?

Just following orders

Yeah nah I don’t think so either.

It’s taken a long time, but the Western Marxists have now reached a point at which they can basically declare victory. Everything the diggers fought for has been subverted, undermined and destroyed.

Since the Second World War the globalist left has scored victory after victory after victory against the nationalist right. With the ’68 revolution, the utopian universalists took control of the culture, then extended their control over education, the media, entertainment and politics.

All of those spheres are now utterly dominated by neo-Marxist apparatchiks for globohomo idealism. Even the police and the military have been converged. The dissident right has become the voice of the people against the Powers That Be, and it is in this context that Big Sister’s banhammer has been hard at work shutting down anyone who contradicts the Western Marxist orthodoxy.

The first to get it were pro-white outlets in the US like and the Daily Stormer. Most recently, the social media banhammer has been brought down on Alex Jones and other civic nationalists in the dissident right.

The Chi-coms run Hollywood

First they came for the Nazis…

In George Orwell’s 1984, the psychological enslavement of Winston Smith is symbolised by him believing that 2 + 2 = 5. Orwell understood well that all totalitarian regimes, relying as they do on coercion and force, require their citizens to lie publicly in order to signal allegiance to the regime. This is because all totalitarian systems are built on lies, and as Orwell is supposed to have said, during times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

We live in a time of universal deceit. The deceptions upon which the power of our illegitimate establishment rests are to do with identity: race, gender, culture, sexuality and faith.

That’s why it is imperative that we be able to speak such truths as that Mohammed was a pedophile.

Believing that 2 + 2 = 5 is nothing compared to the cognitive dissonance the straight white male is expected to endure in the current year. While study and financial opportunities are lavished on other groups, the straight white male is expected to apologise on cue for the original sins of patriarchy, colonialism and privilege. He must stay mute while he is mocked in movies and on TV, while his children are brainwashed against him throughout their schooling and faces like his disappear from his city’s streets. Failure to do so can result in loss of employment, ostracism and public humiliation through the media.

That Mohammed was a pedophile is not seriously disputed. It is not an opinion. It’s a fact. The Hadiths say clearly that Mohammed would fondle Aisha when she was a little girl (Bukhari 6:298), that he married her when she was 6 and consummated the relationship when he was 54 and she was 9 (Bukhari 7.62.88).

We call someone who does that a pedophile, and put them in prison. In Islamic societies, such practices are customary. The Koran states that Allah himself considered Mohammed to be the ideal man (Koran 68:4, 33:21).

Is it any surprise then to us that Islamic enclaves within Western societies have problems with pedophilia and child marriage?

It has become increasingly obvious that traditional Islamic culture is not compatible with the secular liberalism of the postmodern West, let alone the Christian foundations of our civilisation. The cultural Marxists have only been able to pretend that Muslims could seamlessly fit into the multikulti sludge our societies are becoming by using the power of the state to prevent us speaking truths about Islam and the culture it creates.

Since the New Left hippies conquered the culture and the Boomers threw away their heritage on the New Age hopium that maybe all of history was just a misunderstanding, Christians have been on the back foot in the public space.

Imagine Soviet Russia you millionaire arsehole.

The Babylonian Talmud, for example, tells orthodox Jews that Mary was a harlot, Jesus was the bastard son of a Roman centurion and that after Jesus’ death a group of rabbis summoned his spirit so that it could be boiled in a vat of semen in hell for eternity. Such views are taught and studied by orthodox rabbis across the West.

They do not fear outbursts of Christian violence when they express such views.

Atheists have mocked and blasphemed Christianity for decades with not only impunity, but generous government grants to do so. Grants out of taxes paid involuntarily by Christians. This year’s biopic of Mary Magdalene, while it doesn’t portray Mary Magdalene and Jesus as lovers like The Last Temptation of Christ and The Da Vinci Code, still displays a sexual tension between the pair which is utterly repulsive and infuriating to a believer.

Despite this, commie rag The Guardian found the feminist portrayal not satirical or offensive enough to Christians. According to bugman reviewer Peter Bradshaw, there was too much ‘slow-moving Christian piety’ for a movie in the current year. For the fanatical Marxist academics at The Conversation, the movie was ‘too white’. Their ABC echoed the sentiment.

That’s because if you’re not an ‘artist’ photographing a crucifix in urine or a professor teaching students that Jesus was a genderqueer drag king, you’re basically a Christian version of the Taliban to the far left establishment.

And despite all these outrages, all these sacrileges and desecrations of our culture’s bedrock religious belief system, we Christians don’t riot. We don’t get violent. We don’t drive over little kids with trucks.

Imagine there's no trucks
Rather than re-evaluate their universalist cult, the left always double down.

And neither should we. What we must do, however, is stop self-censoring when it comes to speaking the truth about the neo-Marxist ideology of those who rule us and the religions of those they have weaponised against us.

The calendar of saints in the cult of Western Marxism must be immune no more to criticism and scorn if we are going to have the free and open culture the New Left used to pretend to argue for. Martin Luther King was an alcoholic, wife-beating Marxist who loved having orgies with white women. Gandhi liked to sleep naked with his great-granddaughter, ate faeces and had views toward Africans akin to a KKK member. Marx was a drunken layabout who used his bourgeois status to father an illegitimate son with his maid, whom he ignored. Allen Ginsberg was a lifelong advocate for homosexual pedophilia. Obama was a gay cokehead in college, according to former classmates. And Hillary’s a murderous dike [no citation needed].

These are the talking points conservatives should have been using for the last 50 years to fight back against the left’s cultural revolution. Instead, the cucks on the fake right have provided a rearguard action for the leftist vanguard, holding the gains of the Marxists of a generation before.

Jewish Prime Minister Malcolm ‘Moishe’ Turnbull and his ilk will say the XYZ is endangering the public by provoking the hajjis our government brought here to go all Allah snackbar. Only a soulless technocrat could say such a thing with a straight face. Let’s think about this line of reasoning for a second.

If there is a group of people in Australia who are so dangerous to the public and so volatile that no criticism of them can be made at all,  how can we say we are a free people? How can we kid ourselves that we are sovereign? We are as sovereign as the skinny kid in the playground terrified of drawing attention from the schoolyard bully. That’s not freedom.

And an even more important question is: THEN WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE MOISHE?

The truth is, it isn’t nasty things being said by nationalist ‘extremists’ or right-wing dissidents that has made the Muslim population so prone to outbursts of violence. It’s the beliefs and practices of their culture, which in turn derive from toxic and unreformed texts like the Quran and the Hadiths.

The destruction of Muslim nations over the last 20 years by globalist puppets like our prime minister also hasn’t helped.

None of these fruitful debates can occur though while the left continue to control the high ground of our culture. And the left will continue to do so until conservatives, nationalists and dissidents start to fight just as dirty as the left has always done.

They get away with it because conservatives are terrified of not being nice enough. They get away with it because we do nothing. They get away with it because we let them.

Don’t let them.