Trump: The First American Emperor


The Republic is dying. Corruption and dysfunction have led to a loss of public faith in institutions and politicians. The fringe is becoming the centre, and only a dictator will prove able to hold the empire together.

I’m not talking about Star Wars here. Or the Roman Empire.

Legionary Trump

This is America in 2018.

Best. Timeline. Ever.

Emperor Trump

I know it sounds far-fetched. What is ‘Murica without democracy? One can’t exist without the other, right?

Wrong. America was not founded as a socialist democracy; it was founded as a republic, modelled on Rome with some Enlightenment innovations thrown in. The transition to ‘democracy’ has been done stealthily and on purpose by a shadow financial oligarchy who have been able to bribe the mob with the wealth of the unborn, and control Congress by funding both sides of politics.

This cabal has extended their control to all the institutions and levers of power in the American empire, particularly the intelligence agencies. They have been able to maintain power through control of the entertainment and media and mind control of the masses. They see this as a science.

This is not a conspiracy theory. Postwar presidents warned us about it. One of them took a magic bullet for trying to constrain the shadow cabal, who also killed his brother and son.

As I’ve been arguing since the presidential election campaign, this is what always happens in republican systems of government. As illegitimate power consolidates behind the curtain, the most ruthless and venal oligarchs become predators on the people until the people revolt and overthrow the system. It’s precisely what happened in Rome.

The Roman Republic was founded in 509BC when the Etruscan king Tarquin the Proud was expelled and the aristocratic families took control. Republican systems of government are not based on the ideal of equality; it is anathema to them. The patricians in Rome were a unified political class whose sons staffed the offices of military and political leadership, and then became senators themselves.

When the Greek king Pyrrhus sent ambassadors to the Roman Senate in 280BC, they reported back to Pyrrhus that Rome did not have a king, but rather a parliament of them. They were nobles.

By 494BC, however, the peasants had become revolting. The First Secession of the Plebs that year was essentially a strike, and through repeated mob action over the centuries the plebeians of Rome managed to become, along with the military, one of the two sources of political power and legitimacy for ambitious politicians and generals outside the senatorial system. This laid the seeds of the civil wars, which resulted in Julius Caesar using his popularity with the people and military domination of rival oligarchs to become dictator for life and overthrow the Republic.

It didn’t work out so well for him though.

The assassination of Caesar.
The assassination of Caesar.

After a final civil war, Caesar’s adopted nephew Octavian became the first emperor of Rome and took the name Augustus.

Emperor Barron, 2050AD.

It’s important to remember that, after the establishment of the Principate in 29BC, the power base of the Roman emperor was always the military. When a bad emperor came along, it was the military which was used to overthrow him and recognise someone else.

This becomes important in light of who, exactly, is supporting the Trump insurgency against the ‘deep state’.

This is not something Trump decided to do on his own. It’s not an organic movement springing from the red, white and blue-blooded MAGApedes. It’s not being driven forward by Bone Broth-fuelled ‘patriots’ against the evil ‘globalists’. And it’s not some cartoonish struggle of ‘good citizens’ against ‘evil criminals’.

C’mon. The QAnon messianism surrounding Trump is getting a bit creepy, tbh. Enough with the idolatry of men. It’s weird.

Of course Trump is better than Hillary. I hope he becomes emperor, sends stormtroopers into the Capitol, hangs the banksters and the pedos, holds a McCarthyite inquisition exposing campus commies and crooked swamp operatives, then drags Hillary behind his tank down the Washington mall before an adoring crowd.

But he’s not the Messiah, ok.

This guy is.

The King.

Trump’s power base is disaffected generals within the US military backed by military intelligence. This is the only explanation that can take account of QAnon’s undeniable links to the White House and the ability of Trump to withstand the focused fury of the deep state-controlled media and intelligence services.

Does this mean that Trump is a good guy? We’ll see. His rhetoric is electrifying, and if the Clintons and Obama go to jail or have unfortunate mishaps on icy roads that would be just great.

On the other hand, his initial appointments of Goldman Sachs insiders to high positions in the White House as well as his links to Zionist Jewish supremacists are troubling. For as long as Trump manages to keep the mad Israeli pitbull on a leash and prevent them starting World War III for us in the Middle East, I’ll render unto Caesar my support.

Go fight Iran for us, goyim.

Some of you, dear readers, may be shocked at my argument that abolishing democracy and installing an emperor would be good for our liberty and our sovereignty.

Ask yourself though: What has democracy done for you lately?

Mass immigration, race war, totalitarian government spying, stifling government regulation, oppressive taxation, dumbed-down compulsory education, globalism, constant foreign wars, the SBS.

Kill it with fire.

Tell me again how democracy has made us free.

If the first American emperor follows the path of Octavian, he may well decide to maintain democratic forms as a veneer of the old system anyway. We may see electronic voting on mundane governmental decisions on a regular basis. Blockchain solutions have already been developed to ensure the integrity of such votes.

Real power, however, rests with the emperor, who is ultimately accountable to the military and the people.

Just because you’ve been told by TV a million times that voting is freedom does not make it true. Voting is no guarantor of liberty at all. Men had much greater liberty under Queen Elizabeth or Emperor Nero than we have today. Most people went most of their lives without encountering government at all prior to the twentieth century and the advent of mass political systems based around utopian political idealism.

The only reason the cabal has been able to tax, corrupt and oppress us so much has been because we believed the lie that voting is an expression of the ‘popular will’ and that we are in charge.

It was always complete bullshit. Give me a good king over a corrupt parliament any day. I’ll even take a half-decent king if he’s going to fight for the people against the unaccountable oligarchs.

And begin the barbarian deportations so we can colonise the stars and mine the unobtanium.

Space force!

Not only the first American emperor.

The first space emperor!

Space Trump