Israel evacuates 422 jihadis from Syria to send to the West


Don’t you hate it when you get the US to agree to invade one of your neighbours but then the Marxist pussy of a president chickens out so you and your deep state buds create a jihadi army who are kicking arse until then that arsehole Putin decides to start bombing them and you have to sit and watch while your jihadi pets get destroyed and then finally you have to take in the last 400 of them and pretend they’re Mother Theresa to the international media with a straight face?

I hate it when that happens.

Lugenpresse ABC


The White Helmets aren’t humanitarians. They’re jihadis.

Moreover, they’re ISIS.

I know, the TV has been telling you otherwise. That’s why you need to turn off the TV and start researching for yourself. Once you do, the evidence that the so-called White Helmets are just jihadis used by the deep state lying media as propaganda becomes obvious.

If the White Helmets are really saintly humanitarians rescuing children from the rubble, then why did the US government refuse entry to their leader in 2016 for ‘links to extremists’?

Why were they first trained by Blackwater consultant and mercenary James Le Mesurier in Turkey before being deployed to Aleppo?

Why are they funded by Western governments?

Why is there overwhelming evidence that the White Helmets stage the chemical attacks they are presented as rescuing children from?

Why has the Swedish NGO Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR) come out publicly and accused the White Helmets of murdering babies and then pretending to inject them with lifesaving medicine?

Why are there so many photos of the same men posing as White Helmets and then fighting as jihadis?

Why did an Anglican priest who visited the famous ‘ambulance boy’ claim that the White Helmets left the boy in pain for an hour in the back of the ambulance in order to take pictures of him to use as propaganda against the Syrian government?

And if Israel is so concerned with the wellbeing of Syrian humanitarians, why have millions of Syrians and rapefugees been sent on to Europe for years, while Israel has never rescued one?

Israel is not stepping in suddenly at the last moment to evacuate these terrorists from the evil Syrian government. They’ve been supplying and training them for years. They created them.

NGO spooks

If there were no spooks, there would be no NGO’s.

It wasn’t just Israel, though. The harsh and sickening reality that we in the West must face is that Islamic terrorists were first created and deployed in the postwar period by deep state intelligence agencies of America and her allies to use as a geopolitical weapon against Russia and China and their allies.

CIA created ISIS

It began with Zbigniew Brzezinski creating and funding the mujahideen in Afghanistan in 1979, who then became ‘al qaeda’, or ‘the database’, a network of Muslim fighters which the CIA and its allied intelligence agencies could deploy to achieve their geopolitical objectives. This culminated in 9/11 and the use of jihadis against Israel’s regional rivals in the Middle East.

We created ISIS. We allowed it to happen. We let our governments lie to us and manipulate our fears to make us support atrocities against people who had done nothing to us.

Slave girl at market
A Yazidi woman captured by jihadis being auctioned at a slave market in our ally Saudi Arabia
ISIS slave transport
ISIS transporting Ezadi women and girls from Iraq to Turkey, 2017

And when the blowback came and the deep state’s pet jihadis blew up our kids, our governments used it as an excuse to take away our freedoms even further and intervene even more in the affairs of shitholes.

Nice terrorist attack
Nice terrorist attack in 2016

If you’re a born-again Christian, and I know many of you readers are, you no doubt feel that we are getting close to the Last Days. It’s coming soon. And it is time Christians in the West faced the devastating reality that our governments have formed what will become the core of the future antiChrist’s armies by creating, funding and training these jihadis over the decades.

And still the TV keeps lying and lying and lying to you. The very fake news have, as always, been spreading their very fake news.

Turns my stomach. Are these people completely ignorant, completely evil, or both? Or perhaps CNN Correspondent Oren Lieberman justifies this deception of the stupid Christian Americans by telling himself that it is necessary for the advancement of his tribe’s interests. He wouldn’t be the first.

It’s not just the US media, though. The lying media here in Australia have parroted the deep state’s propaganda in unison.

Shame on you, you fork-tongued defenders of babykillers, rapists and slavers. Is the money worth it? Was the devil’s coin enough for you to betray your audience and the defenceless people who have been tortured, murdered and destroyed by those Islamic fanatics?

The ghoulish games our governments and their deep state handlers have been playing in the Middle East is going to come back to haunt us. You don’t get away with crimes like this. The blood in the sand of the Middle East cries out to God for justice, and our rulers fulminate like drunks in the dark.

The war drums are beating, and this time it won’t just be the USAF obliterating another Second World shithole to make it a Third World shithole. Iran is not Iraq.

This war will cost. And all of us will pay.