David Leyonhjelm and the Curious Case of Conservative Defeatism


The tragedy of Eurydice Dixon’s murder has produced some bizarre and misguided yet typical backlash in the media, and has produced aftershocks in the Senate that have become a controversy unto themselves.

From what can be gathered among the heated hyperbole, the discussion of women’s right to self-defence was raised in the Senate last week when Senator Fraser Anning forwarded the motion that would soften laws surrounding the carrying of non-lethal weaponry such as tasers or capsicum spray in order to subdue a would-be attacker. The broader goal was to prevent tragedies such as the one that befell Ms Dixon and countless others.

At some point during the discussion, Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young forwarded the assertion that the key issue is men and that they should simply just not rape. It was at this point in time that Senator Leyonhjelm forwarded the assertion that Ms Hanson-Young simply ‘stop shagging men’, the implication being that if men are so furiously menacing and prone to rape, then perhaps she should stop engaging in consensual sex with such rabid creatures. Upon hearing such sharp and unforgiving wit from Senator Leyonhjelm, Ms Hanson-Young approached him to ask if she had heard him correctly, at which point it is believed that he told her to ‘fuck off’. He has apparently also called her a bitch for her bigotry at some point and has subsequently been dragged through what the media class seems to believe are its punishing coals that are expected to break his spirit and force him to apologise, or something.

Thankfully – and to Senator Leyonhjelm’s everlasting credit – an apology is highly unlikely.

While much of the usual talking heads have spewed forth their predictable vitriol, the most disturbing reaction has come from Conservative commentators. Andrew Bolt, Chris Kenny and the delectable Peta Credlin have all voiced their outrage at Leyonhjelm’s comments, and have joined in the chorus of labelling him sexist while perpetuating the notion that he is some kind of vicious bully. Miranda Devine – of whom I am a big fan – remarked that Leyonhjelm’s comments were “uncouth, ungentlemanly, ungallant, unchivalrous and brutish”.

Unchivalrous? It’s the Australian Senate, not dungeons and dragons. But I digress.

Those of us who are knee deep in the mud of Culture War trenches will be asking ourselves, have these Conservatives lost their minds? Have they not been paying attention and realised this is no way to conduct themselves against such an amoral force? A force that knows no reasonable form of debate, nor problem solving. One that is so absorbed in relentlessly destroying its perceived adversaries that they will destroy – and have destroyed – lives and civilisations in pursuit of their impossible Utopia.

Herein lies the problem with Conservatives. Our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness. In the golden pursuit of conducting only the most flawlessly civil discourse and holding ourselves to account, we’ve convinced ourselves that we must always engage in discussion in the most virtuous and poised manner, and cast out all who would act in anything less than the most dizzyingly high standards of gracious conduct.

This insistence of high moral mannerisms has allowed conservatives to be outflanked at every turn and weakened at the first sign of unsophisticated behaviour by any of our ideological allies. Our greatest strength is our dedication to discussion with civility and holding ourselves to high moral standards. The left understand that if their adversary is constantly attempting to be virtuous and they possess the ability – nay – the obligation to change their minds if presented with contradictory information, the left’s task is an easy one. All the left have to do is what they always do. Screech like banshees, feign offence and exacerbate the alleged damage caused by words, then watch as conservatives scramble to do their duty, stick to their principles and distance themselves from the newly exposed pariah.

The left have no such weakness because they have no such ethics. Peter Fonda tweeted gleefully about how Baron Trump should be locked in a cage with paedophiles, simply because his father is President and border control is still a thing. An article published in the June 20th edition of The Hollywood Reporter spoke volumes of the accountability the left, stating: “Sony Pictures Classics Condemns Peter Fonda, But Will Still Release His New Film”. Roseanne Barr had her highly successful show axed after an offensive tweet that didn’t call for any form of violent action against children. The left have no sense of self-awareness over issues like this. They don’t ask themselves; ‘what if the roles were reversed? How would I feel’? They are unhinged, hive minded and it seems nothing can hold them to account, least of all themselves.

The appropriate action is that of which Senator Leyonhlem is courageously displaying. Not backing down but doubling down. The appropriate response of all other conservatives is to do the same. Rather than try to outdo one another in virtue signalling, feigning outrage and doing our best unhinged leftist impersonations, we should be competing to outdo each other in condemning the filth that is SHY and the Greens. Senator Hanson-Young is a repugnant individual who actively promotes neo-Communism which – given the right circumstances – would bring the same torment and destruction as its predecessor.

There can be no mercy for these facilitators of horror. When they make slurs, make slurs back. When they confront you to ask if you made said slur, tell them to fuck off. If they call for your resignation, call for their resignation. And in amongst all of this back and forth remember whose side has the facts and use them to devastating effect. The polls going around on social media should not be asking if Senator Leyonhjelm should apologize, that’s a no brainer. Of course, he shouldn’t. Be more pronounced and mercilessly pro-active. The real question is ‘How many times can Sarah Hanson Young cry before we force her to resign?’ Conservatives need to realise what is at stake and harden up. The last forty odd years have been lost to this pointless surrendering of ground to a soulless conglomerate of intellectual cowards who have absolutely no intention of negotiating and/or problem solving.

We can do this folks. Not a backward step.

If you ever get a chance to read this Senator Leyonhjelm, I’d just like to say, don’t ever stop. We’re with you all the way. Never back down, only double down. You’ll be the first of many if only you do not – under any circumstances – give these soiled, ideologically warped, morally bankrupt swamp creatures the room to breathe. Well done. Go you fuckin good thing!