The Australian media really want war with Russia


Levels of butthurt among journalists in the lying media haven’t been this high since November 2016. Even the cuckservatives at the neocon Murdoch outlets are screeching like campus millennial land whales after Trump’s meeting with international genius and supervillain Vlad Putin in Helsinki on Tuesday.

The crazy is off the charts rn.

From the genderfluid ninny-nannies at their ABC, ‘Donald Trump backs Vladimir Putin, not US intelligence, on election meddling at Helsinki summit’:

“Standing side-by-side with Vladimir Putin, United States President Donald Trump has refused to blame the Russian leader for meddling in the 2016 elections, casting doubt on the findings of his own intelligence agencies and sparking a storm of criticism at home.”

Let’s translate that from deranged bullshitspeak to normalspeak:

Despite 18 months of constant propaganda from the intelligence assets who run the mainstream media, Trump still gives no fucks about even pretending the Mueller investigation into Russian election meddling has any credibility.

ABC’s fake news story, which is just copypasta content from globalist outlets Reuters and AP, even uncritically quoted a tweet from the discredited and hopefully soon-to-be-executed James Comey.

Patriots indeed. That wasn’t enough treasonous hyperbole for the deep state propagandists, however, so they included some from the utterly corrupt swamp creature John Brennan.

And slimy Lindsey Graham.

The anti-Russian war propaganda at their ABC was exceeded, however, by the spooks who write for Fairfax. Bespectacled smirker and hair gel aficionado Matthew Knott is particularly pungent in his shilling for World War III.

Matthew is fake news

From the piece:

“Even by the standards of Trump’s unpredictable and norm-smashing presidency, there was a broad consensus that Trump’s joint press conference with Putin represented a genuinely unprecedented moment in American history. The leaders’ meeting was held just three days after 12 Russian intelligence officers were indicted for conspiring to influence the 2016 election.”

What’s unprecedented, Matthew, is that globalist apparatchiks like you have waged a relentless propaganda campaign against a sitting US president on behalf of a shadow oligarchy and hostile intelligence agencies who have spent at least the last fifty years doing shady shit all over the world for corporate interests and against the interests of the American people. People like you believe you are a global overclass; a unique category of humanity who have the right to deceive, betray and murder whenever necessary because your dumb pleb readers are utterly unworthy of knowing what’s going on, let alone making political decisions as outlined in the US Constitution.

Every accusation made against Trump in Knott’s disjointed piece is a projection by a Conga-line of suckholes who are terrified of their crimes being exposed.

As I’ve written before, I don’t like the messianism surrounding Trump by those on the right. His actions often don’t line up with his rhetoric. He’s too cozy with Zionist supremacists. But seeing how incredibly butthurt the globalist media is about this Trump-Putin meeting shows that he’s doing something right.

More from Matthew:

“Former Republican presidential nominee John McCain issued a blistering statement saying Trump had provided Putin with “an uncontested platform to spew propaganda and lies to the world”.

“Today’s press conference in Helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory,” he said.

“The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naivete, egotism, false equivalence, and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate.

“But it is clear that the summit in Helsinki was a tragic mistake…No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant.”

I thought McCain was dead already. Hurry up, tumour. What’s taking you so long?

For those of you who think that comment is in bad taste, here is McCain meeting with the CIA’s pet jihadis in Syria in 2013.

Fuck you, John. Die already.

But none of McCain’s treason, including his links to Russian oligarchs, was mentioned in Matthew Knott’s ABC rant, of course.

Knott’s VERY FAKE NEWS was accompanied by hitpieces from fellow Fairfax Trump obsessive Nick Miller.

Nick is fake news

Insinuating Trump doesn’t want World War III with Russia and China because he’s horny for Putin. That’s some serious projection issues you’ve got there, Nick. For most normal men, if they’ve got this at home upstairs in the Jacuzzi…

Definitely not a man

… they don’t go for this.

Vlad "The Electioneer" Putin

But I guess you’re just not most normal men, Nick.

Nick was, in fact, so steamy about Trump and Putin he managed to fire off a second hitpiece about the event on the same day.

Nick is very fake news

That’s some serious journalistic Viagra you’re cranking there, Nick.

From Nick’s VERY, VERY FAKE NEWS piece:

All US intelligence agencies have concluded the Kremlin was behind an effort to influence the US election through cyber attacks and social media campaigns targeted at disadvantaging Hillary Clinton.

That’s why we call it the DEEP STATE, Nick. Or the shadow government. Or the swamp. Call it whatever you like. You probably have a different name for it, seeings as you almost certainly work for it.

A sure sign that a political regime is on the brink of collapse is that its propaganda becomes ridiculous. By the time of the Enlightenment, no-one serious took papal bulls seriously. By the time of the French revolution, the peasants weren’t paying attention to the interpretations of reality given to them by the established authorities. They were reading radical pamphlets spread by dissidents. It was the same in America. If there was a book that led to the American revolution, it was Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. By the time of the fall of the Soviet Union, Pravda was a joke.

In the current year, Nick, you’re the joke. You people lie and lie and lie and think your stupid readers won’t be able to tell. Lies like this one:

A reporter from The Nation, a progressive US news magazine, was removed from the room by security shortly before the press conference began, after he refused to let go of a handwritten sign saying “nuclear weapon ban treaty”.

Fake news. The guy who was ejected was an op-ed contributor who was accredited by The Nation as a publicity stunt. He faked his way in. He wasn’t a journalist.

And neither, Nick, are you. You’re an ineffective propagandist for a dying order, believing yourself to be enlightened and powerful when in reality you are a laughingstock and a relic.

It is because of toxic bullshit like this that the media is dying. Most Australians don’t like Trump – he represents an American caricature Australians have long found distasteful – but most people can still tell that the double standard and dishonesty from the media about the 2016 campaign shows just how corrupt the American establishment has become.

Hillary Clinton should be doing her dikery in an orange jumpsuit in Guantanamo by now. She, Obama, McCain, Pelosi, Loretta Lynch, Comey and Brennan along with a thousand other high-level traitors should be awaiting execution by firing squad. Instead, we have a thoroughly discredited witch-hunt by media which is making America look foolish, weak and imbecilic to her rising geopolitical rivals.

Perhaps Trump will manage to snatch a deal from this meeting with Putin, avoid a trumped-up impeachment and restore the geopolitical tranquility between great powers we had become accustomed to in recent decades. I doubt it, though. Between the trade wars with China, Israeli aggression in Syria and the lying media’s constant agitation against Russia, I foresee something going very wrong somewhere very soon. I hope I’m wrong.

Should that happen, and the unthinkable become reality, let’s remember the names of these chickenhawk fake journalists who pushed so hard for war. They will have much to answer for.

Photo by FolsomNatural