Education: The SJW Death Star


Originally published January 24, 2017. This one is worth keeping in mind considering the ANU’s baulking at the implementation of a Degree in Western Civilisation.

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Did you feel it last Saturday morning when Trump was sworn in? A great disturbance, as though a million snowflakes cried out in anguish. Something wonderful happened. This symbolic victory for right-thinking men and women is only the beginning, however. Our enemies still control the establishment: the media, the courts, the entertainment industry and, their most powerful weapon of all, the education system. This last bastion of Marxist power has made them unstoppable for over a century.

If Trump lives up to his rhetoric, then there may well be hope for the nations of the West. If not, then we’ll have to hold his feet to the fire on behalf of all the decent men and women of the world he will have let down. We should not rely on him though to restore Western civilisation. It is up to all of us to keep fighting to that end.

The toxic cult of Western Marxism has taken a hit, but it is not dead yet. This is the danger of a moment like this; right-thinking men and women will be inclined to give in to the temptation of complacency now. Having Trump call out globalism and political correctness on the largest stage in the world might make many of us think that our enemies have been defeated. This is not the case. Like a demonic villain in the B-grade action flick, the left in the West is now down but not out. We cannot turn our back on this most dangerous and deadly foe while they still have breath in their nostrils. We must instead now strike a killing blow to the heart of this soulless monster.

The secret weapon of the left, the Death Star which has made them unstoppable for longer than any of us have been alive, is their control of the education system. If we do not stamp out this menace, then we will be done for in the long run. We might keep winning battles but we will also keep losing the war. Our children will pay the consequences for the rest of their lives in terms of financial enslavement, cultural destruction, demographic displacement and moral degradation. Everything is at stake.

If we are to destroy the left’s vice-like grip on education, we must understand how it was established and how it operates.

One of the first ‘reforms’ of the socialists when they started to gain electoral power at the beginning of the twentieth century was to bring in mass public education based upon the statist, authoritarian model of Prussia. Bismarck’s system of welfare and taxation was designed to build up the military strength of Prussia, and provided elites around the world with a model for how to establish totalitarian control and then sell it to the masses it enslaved. As long as the freebies kept rolling out to enough of the plebs that they kept voting for whoever provided them, the elite could keep increasing their power and control. Exponentially-rising government debt, funded through the sovereign bond markets, made sure that taxes never had to rise to fund such lavish welfare-warfare programs, and as long as population kept rising exponentially it could be maintained. The debt was pushed off onto the shoulders of the as-yet-unborn. That’s us, and our children, and our children’s children if we don’t turn back the tide.

It is no accident that mass public education began a few years before the killing fields of World War I erupted. Mass public schooling provided willing recruits who had been indoctrinated with nationalism and obedience to authority. It is still providing the same function today, although globalism has replaced nationalism and the tenets of Western Marxism have replaced hierarchical authoritarianism. The software can be updated by the oligarchy as necessary, while still running on century-old hardware.

The dastardly system of state indoctrination was brought in around the same time as the income tax – another heinous Marxist initiative designed to keep us enslaved and dependent on the establishment. But I digress.

If everyday people today knew what their children were being taught in the classrooms and lecture halls of Australia about our history, our race, our heritage and our contributions to humanity, there would be a Royal Commission launched the next day. This is what we need: an open, public investigation into how Marxist indoctrination is operating within our school system. Across the country, average-IQ teachers are parroting to their students the same toxic anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian hate speech that they received while at university. Dissent from these narratives is not tolerated, and the students who will not submit to the doctrines of Marxism pay an academic penalty.

No longer should cultural terrorists in universities be able to hide behind the smokescreen of ‘academic freedom’. They are a fifth column, and must be held to public account for their indoctrination of our youth. What we are seeing in the anti-Trump protests is where all these Marxist movements eventually lead – to political violence, national disunity and the threat of revolution. If we do not kill this ideological monster while we still have time, then a million ugly women marching on Canberra will be the least of our worries.

Already the hour is late to save what is left of our culture from the Marxist menace. Control of education has enabled Marxist professors to credential only students who had also become carriers of the Marxist virus. These minions have spread out across the professions, and now run the country. They are the establishment. This is why the global anti-establishment movement is manifesting in the West as a movement against the cultural Marxist elite who want to eradicate all European heritage. They are the racists, not us. We have been made race-aware, however, by seeing our identity and our posterity being threatened by a mindless elite who have been trained to hate white people, even if that has meant hating themselves. Whether we like it or not, demographics is a key part of this fight for the survival of our nation as we have known it and loved it. If we are not going to fight for it, we may as well just hand it to the Chinese and the Muslims now to parcel it up among themselves.

Ultimately, we must remove all UN-mandated globalist propaganda from our curricula, replace the teachers who are not competent in their subject areas, give much more decision-making power back to families and communities with regard to how their children are taught and eradicate these Marxist ideologies from our universities. Such a seemingly radical program, however, will require public support. The first step to gaining that support is to show the Australian people how their children are being turned against themselves. Only in that way can the SJW Death Star be destroyed, and the hope for a culturally confident and morally strong Australian people again take root the way it did when the country was settled. We owe it to our forefathers to try.