Quote of the Day: Sure there might be a bad Newspoll on Monday…


Pressure is mounting on Malcolm Turnbull, with the impending 30th losing Newspoll in a row. Tony Abbott has become more vocal about the leadership spill which deposed him:

He also said this:

“As for that particular metric, that was not my metric and it is for others to explain the rhyme or the reason in it,” Mr Abbott told the Sunday Telegraph.”

Good signalling, Tony.

The XYZ Viewer Poll on the matter has receieved over 40,000 responses, with the affirmative being clearly ahead:

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Meanwhile, Malcolm “Judas” Turnbull is trying to pretend that 30 losing Newspolls in a row means nothing:

“Everyone complains that politicians are focused on polls — well I think the media is very focused on polls and various others are focused on polls, my job has got to be focused on delivering good policy, stronger economic growth, greater opportunities and so forth,”

Perhaps he needs reminding:

“The one thing that is clear about our current situation is the trajectory. We have lost 30 Newspolls in a row. It is clear that the people have made up their mind about Mr Abbott’s leadership.”

But Quote of the Day goes to Christopher “I totes got hacked” Pyne:

“It’s just an irrelevance. Sure there might be a bad Newspoll on Monday — nobody cares.”

He later claimed tat the Sun revolves around te Earth.

It’s your XYZ.