Food For Thought – Keep Making Ironic S***posters Out To Be Literally Hitler


[A reference to the movie The Disaster Artist.] Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
For a while now I’ve drawn the ire of the J-Left, referred to by ANTIFA blogger Andy Fleming as the “Jung Facho” (I’m sure Jordan B. Peterson would like that characterisation) who traded “HEMP for Hitler”. While my struggle as an artist is yugely great, I would’ve barely qualified as a hard-hatted member of Ernst Zündel’s entourage let alone the rank and file membership of the Waffen SS.

However, for the functionally retarded shock troops of the deep state (ANTIFA) who continue to advance the autistic agenda of portraying White ethnocentrism as a psychopathology, Snek Ryan (like the legions of shitlords out there) are literally out to exterminate the inferior races with helicopters while constructing Welthauptstadt Germania.

Break out the popcorn goys!

As the first XYZ contributor to endorse Trump, and basically someone who lives to bullbait mentally unstable shitlibs, I do everything I possibly can to goad the far-Left into portraying me as “duh literal Nazis” (because when the bar on literal Nazis has been equated with Duke Nukem tier shitposting by the perpetually offended Planeteers, Konrad Heiden’s term “Nazi” loses all meaning).

The more folks who want to virtue signal against people like Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, Jazzhands McFeels, Christopher Cantwell and Jared Howe as “irrational idiots” (something which the likes of VICE, CNN and MSNBC can’t get enough of), the more likely folks will start informing their worldview around the persuasive edgy arguments of Alt-Right shock-jocks.

Because when you have comedians being dragged through the courts for teaching their pug to “Sieg Heil” by B’nai B’rith affiliates, and you’re still perplexed as to why Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer (aka “The Most Censored Publication in History”) is continuing to do record breaking business (despite their ongoing web-hosting issues), then in the wise words of Joe Rogan “You’re f-cking dumb!”

Food For Thought.