Why I am a civilisationist


Recently Lucas Rosas and Mattys ModernLife wrote on the question of white nationalism, ethno-nationalism and whether the US alt-right movement is the way forward for anti-Marxists in Australia.

This is something a lot of people are grappling with at the moment as we navigate this period of ideological chaos and political turmoil. It’s something I’ve thought a lot about too, particularly since the Antifa hate campaign against me told pretty much everyone I’ve ever associated with that I’m literally Hitler.

Antifa are so damn gay
At least I’m not a damn commie.

We’re all familiar with this type of hysteria from the left since the US election. There is just as much turmoil, however, in the emerging movement from the right. Professor Jordan B Peterson, of whom XYZ has been a long-time supporter, made a profound impact upon Western youngsters when he emerged from the frozen tundra like a starving Yeti to tell us to clean our rooms. His Bible series on YouTube is particularly outstanding.

Recently, however, many members of the alt-right have turned on the good prof due to his avid opposition to what he considers collectivist forms of identity. He’s an individualist, and like many in the alt-lite tent he considers any form of ethnic nationalism to be equivalent to Nazism. Like me, he’s clearly concerned with what’s ahead as the Weimar West unravels in the coming years.

I understand how the prof, and those in the alt-lite who agree with him, arrived at their conclusions. Preventing a repeat of the horrors of the 20th century in the 21st is not a trivial concern, bucko.

There is also always a great danger with nationalism that historically literate people are aware of. Nationalism is like nuclear energy; a massive force which can be used for constructive purposes to great benefit or hijacked by psychopathic regimes to bring about mass death. Those who dismiss such concerns are ignorant of history or, on some level, seem to want the bloodshed. It’s creepy.

It wasn’t ethnic nationalism itself which caused the Holocaust, however. It was those utopian political ideologies which animated the mass movements of Bolshevism, Nazism, Maoism and Juche in North Korea.

Racism didn’t kill millions over the last century. Governments did, operated by fanatics and opportunists who believed that by capturing the power of government they could use it to engineer the perfect society for their class or their race. Instead they opened the gates of hell.

The siren-song of utopian political idealism, such as we hear from Antifa and the neo-Nazis they’re searching desperately for, has killed enough people already. It’s the last thing we need.

Many in the alt-lite sphere also seem convinced that if you embrace any form of ethnic nationalism you immediately become someone who hates other races. That’s just not true. The non-white world is comprised of billions of ethnic nationalists, most of whom are perfectly fine with other ethnicities as long as they don’t flood their country or work against its interests from the inside. It’s the demographic replacement and response to perceived threat, not ethnic identity per se, which causes the bloodshed.

That being said, what Lucas Rosas wrote about ‘white nationalism’ being a toxic label from a failed fringe movement is correct. Now before you fashy goys flame me in the comments, ask yourself something.

Do you want to win?

Because if you do, any association with the label ‘white nationalism’ is going to prevent that. This is why the establishment infiltrate movements such as Antifa and the neo-Nazis. The elite want to associate any real movement from the right with white nationalism, because they know what image comes into normie’s minds when they hear about it. The elite know because they created that image.

Kiwi Nazi Russell Crowe
This propaganda is Goebbels-tier.

I have seen firsthand how agitators infiltrate movements from the right and begin purity-spiralling, causing division and making the group so fringe it can never achieve anything useful. They also push the group toward a cult-like structure which sees violence as the ultimate expression of political will.

Not smart.

Whether they realise it or not, these fanatical ideologues serve the interests of the establishment, and honestly most of them are bloody losers who’ve never accomplished anything in their lives and are compensating by larping as Adolf. You could call them useful idiots if they weren’t so useless.

So if white nationalism is too toxic and not fit for purpose, is the civic nationalism of the alt-lite the way forward for the movement?

I don’t think so. Civic nationalism, the belief that a nationalist movement can be based on common values and culture, is not nationalism at all. It’s also a form of pseudo-nationalism which only white people seem to have to have.

There are no ‘Australian values’, alt-lite. Sorry. Every country has some form of mateship, and some idea of a fair go. You are talking about universal human values, and a civnat movement would be completely compatible with the neoliberal agenda to flood Australia with tens of millions of Asians to keep house prices high for the gerontocracy as long as those Asians can speak a bit of English.

No thanks.

Australia is Australia because it was built by Australians, a race of people fused from the British Isles and forged through hardship and war into a people as racially and culturally unique as the Tibetans, Koreans, Haitians and Israelis.

I don’t believe this because I want to believe it. Civic nationalism is a much more comfortable belief system in the current culture. It has cost me to express such a view. I believe it because it’s true. What the alt-right get right is that demographic replacement is collapse; it’s how civilisations end.

Civilisations have been conquered and ruled for centuries and not disappeared. Just ask your Greek mates. They survived centuries of brutal Turkish rule because they never forgot who they are. What ultimately makes a civilisation disappear from the webpages of history is their failure to reproduce themselves and their replacement with other, more vigorous groups.

A country can tolerate foreigners living in its borders, particularly if those foreigners are supportive of the dominant group’s culture and language (which most immigrants to Australia have been until recently). No nation, however, can tolerate demographic replacement without there occurring a dangerous and violent backlash from those being replaced. This has occurred throughout history whenever economic conditions turn down and tribalism intensifies.

It’s my view that what we are seeing with the rising nationalist sentiment in Australia is the beginning of that reaction.

So this leaves us in a quandary. Nationalism is rising, and needs somewhere to go that is healthy and constructive rather than toxic and malignant. It must be channelled into a movement that rejects totalitarianism, state control and morbid hatred while still being an expression of the sovereign Australian people. If we are to fix the country, it must also break the shackles of control which have been placed upon Australians while we slept by a neo-Marxist elite who hates us.

So this brings us back to where we started and the question of where we go from here.

What are we fighting for?

And, by extension, what are we therefore fighting against?

These are questions which have consumed my thinking for years now as I’ve navigated my way out of the mental quicksand of cultural Marxism and sought to find a true and real framework for understanding the world that works for us rather than against us.

My answer is that we are fighting for Christian civilisation itself. The past 500 years have seen such human flourishing across the world, led by we Western Europeans, because we aligned ourselves with reality and strove for the stars. Beloved alt-lite values such as liberty and individualism were part of this, but were moderated by a Christian faith that reminded us that service of others and duty to God, community and family are utmost for a fruitful life. The men of the West who conquered and civilised the world weren’t civic nationalists. They knew who they were, and from that knowledge were able to relate to others on just terms. This benefited the entire planet.

To revive this tradition it is clear to me that we must therefore revive a healthy, constructive, moderate and proportionate form of ethnic nationalism. This is what has been under attack since the Second World War, and is what frightens our enemies the most.

Calling such a movement ‘nationalist’ in any form is probably counterproductive, however, as it brings in so much baggage about racism, genocide and oppression that communicating about the movement to the normies would be impossible. We need fresh terms based on fresh thinking but rooted solidly in reality. What can unite such a movement is a knowledge of what and who we are fighting.

We are fighting against Marxism. The common thread behind government tyranny, the anti-white agenda on campus, the destruction of the family and the collapse in Christian morality has been Marxism. It’s the enemy.

Our struggle is not with flesh and blood, but with the powers and principalities of Western Marxism. That’s the fight we need to win. Although I describe myself as an ethnic nationalist if asked, I don’t hate foreigners. I quite admire the cultures and peoples of Asia. They are at a stronger stage in their cycle than we are at the moment. We can learn from their ways, such as their emphasis on family, their personal humility and their acceptance of plain truths. We used to be like that before we succumbed to decadence.

If one of us, however, moved to an East Asian country, learned the language, married a local and had kids, would those kids be Korean or Japanese? Not fully, no. They’d be accepted into the society, sure, but those societies will never change the face of their nation just to accommodate the feelings of the children of foreigners. We must do the same, and although non-white allies who support our cause should be accepted we must never tolerate Western European Australians losing our absolute demographic majority. Such a thing happening is a sure-fire path to chaos.

Some in the alt-lite would agree with this argument, but say that it’s already too late and Australia already has too many foreigners now for demographic restoration to occur without atrocity. I don’t believe that’s the case. If we had a government with an explicit interest in maintaining a certain ethnic balance, we could achieve it. Singapore, for example, has retained a 76% Chinese majority for decades through prudent immigration measures. Western Europe is experiencing a barbarian invasion, and there are other white minorities such as the Boers who seek refuge. Bringing those people here could bring us closer to demographic stability quickly.

Based Lee Kuan Yew
Lee Kuan Yew did nothing wrong.

Changing our immigration policy back what it was prior to the late 60’s would make a start on demographic repair, and those immigrants would assimilate much more easily than the subhumans we’re getting from Apex Gangland at the moment. Sending incompatibles such as them and the angry Ahmed Allahu Snackbars back home would help as well.

Chimping out
Let’s have a postal survey on the Brown Australia Policy.

Ending income taxes, changing attitudes toward family formation and gender roles and restoring national pride could also restore Western European demographics within a decade or two. It can be done in a constructive, humane and dignified way without any need for atrocity. We’re not Nazis, after all.

The real and supposed crimes of we men of the West have been so exaggerated and magnified by the left that we’ve been demoralised. We’ve been driven by existential despair to civilisational suicide. We stopped striving for greatness, and became decadent and corrupt.

Only a return to reality and submission to the truth will salvage what’s left of the West in this sunburnt country. Failure to do so will ensure that future generations will look back and marvel at our hedonism, weakness and failure to hold onto what was given us. It will be a cautionary tale to not let the cycle of conquest, decadence and collapse happen to them. They will warn their children to not allow the same to happen again.

Whether they will speak in English or in some post-English pidgin is up to us.