The Revolt Before Christmas

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Twas three weeks till Christmas, and across public land,
Nativity scenes were thoroughly banned.
Menorahs, however, were erected on such sites,
To celebrate Syrian and Greek genocide with lights.

Muslims and Blacks were raping and robbing,
As their infant victims were uncontrollably sobbing.
Their Communist “White allies” were “bashing the fash”,
When all of a sudden there was heard such a crash.

As black bloc bodies were seen flung in the air,
A super charged sleigh slaughtered with flare.
For bodies which lay on the ground half dead,
Fashy reindeer stamped hooves through their head.

Before one could ask “whose sleigh had been steered?”
Dear Santa Claus triumphantly appeared.
As venomous Reds hissed and scorned
Jolly Old Santa cheerily warned;

“If you Bolshevik bastards want the West to end,
Then you’ll have to go through my little friend!”

Immediately as this caution was stated,
Santa revealed an M16 which was gold plated.

“One thing us Whites do extremely well,
Is sending Communists directly to hell!”

As Soros’ minions screamed with great dread,
The crowd of degenerates scattered and fled.
Steely eyed Santa looked on with great pride,
As many Deep State foot-soldiers bellowed and cried.

For Santa reviled the globalist curse,
That had made society utterly perverse.
Loudly he praised those repelling this plight
“Merry Christmas to all, who fight the good fight!”