How Many Little Boys Have You Killed, Clementine?


Originally published June 29, 2017.  In celebration of Milo calling Clementine a c—, we felt this only fitting.

Australia’s ugliest cultural Marxist hate merchant, Clementine Ford, has again received more free publicity by writing a note to a fan asking why she hasn’t killed any men today. You know, the type of stuff that was edgy in 1972, and which Clementine has built a large and mentally unstable following bleating about. You’ve got to wonder though: Why is Clem so angry?

Clementine Ford shouting
Modified from social media images

It’s tough being an ugly chick in this world. Biology is sexist, and the realities of sexual market value mean that if you look more like a chimpanzee than a Greek goddess, you’re going to have far fewer resources for yourself and whatever children a man will consent to having with you because he’s got no other options. In the jungle, the ugly baboon has to make do with fewer bananas.

That’s why Clementine Ford is so angry.

Feminism is a beta-female sexual strategy designed to destroy the socio-economic advantages that more beautiful women have over their arse-faced competitors for the resources of men. It’s a cunning and devious strategy that involves several different tactics, all of which have coordinated in postwar Australia to the advantage of fuglies and the disadvantage of the men who might otherwise have married, taken care of and loved them. With the lights out, of course.

This is the morbid genius at the heart of Marx’s dialectical materialism. It’s not about class per se, that was just the historical narrative that Marx fitted his hate mechanism into. The Marxist dialectic has proven over the past century and a half that it can be applied to any group that sees itself as disadvantaged, oppressed or wronged.

While in the East Marxism remained an economic and political theory, in the West it has mutated to all categories of humanity that might have a grievance against the leadership, creativity and innate superiority of white men. While we were busy landing on the moon, hostile intellectuals were whipping up the blacks, the gays and the ugly chicks to rise up in revolt. We’re now dealing with the consequences of that menace, and it’s a threat we should not underestimate.

Although we in the new right have found our strength and grow in number every day, we should not underestimate the strength of our enemies either. Soros is funding neo-Marxist revolutions around the world while the media, political class, judiciary and education establishment are firmly opposed to us and would cheer our destruction. Just because these people are degenerates and thots doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous. They’ve still got the guns and the numbers. They won’t give up their power easily.

Neither should we stop hammering home our critiques of this cult of collective grievance. The Marxist revolutionaries have been so successful at each turn during the modern period because we counter-revolutionaries have been complacent, naïve or both. Don’t think that someone like Clementine Ford is just some angry woman who appeals to washed-up thots. Yes, she is that, but she’s more than that as well. She is the vanguard of a new wave of cultural Marxist totalitarians, and the kids coming out of uni now who have been brainwashed with the same bullshit as her will be much more willing to use the violence of state power to enforce their utopia of degenerate diversity.

The damage that the Boomer and Gen X cultural Marxists have already done is tragic beyond words. The tyranny these millennial land-whale snowflakes will try to bring in will be much, much worse.

The neo-Marxists have created a society in which everything is inverted; good is called evil and evil is called good, strength is called weakness and weakness is called strength, liberty is called tyranny and totalitarianism is called freedom. These people are so fucked in the head by now that reasoning with them won’t achieve any change. Parley is over. Clem reckons she can fight like a girl. OK. Let’s fight.

We at the XYZ of course completely disavow physical violence as a means to achieve political change. Despite this being how the left has always achieved political change, and the call by leftists like Clementine to kill men. Completely disavow. Yep.

It’s been enough over the last few years to troll comments sections, create memes, write up articles like this one and fight the information war. Like many goys right now, I’ve started to move beyond that into real-life action. It’s time. Time to stop arguing, draw up battle lines and begin to take back the country from crazy bitches like Clementine.

There are several different ways you can achieve this. If you are inside an SJW stronghold, you can leak footage or seek allies and fight the battle within it. If you’re built like a brick shithouse, we could use you at the rallies. If you’re good at design and climbing walls, do some poster runs at universities or public places that highlight white genocide and trigger leftists. Use their tactics against them, and make them scared for the first time in a long time. Look for like-minded allies and team up with them. Counter-revolution is a team sport, after all, and we’re pretty good at those.

The left are only full of conviction when they see themselves as ascendant; if they were forced to face us directly they would quickly run away. They are prey animals, after all.

Figures like Clementine, Wally Aly and that brown chick with the towel on her head are only bold because they’ve been able to get away with it without consequences. Regardless of what comes next, that’s going to change.