LIVE From Seg – The Racialisation Of Normalcy

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

The following excerpt between based Alt Right Political Prisoner Christopher Cantwell and based Volunteer Consultant @ US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Jared Howe is taken from Episode 31 of LIVE FROM SEG

Christopher Cantwell: We’re going to create these market alternatives and all these people who are like “Oh my god, you’re normalising racism”, yes that’s right! You should have kept your stupid a—hole behaviour to yourselves and then everybody would have thought that racism was bad.

But then you tried to ‘racism’ normal. You’re complaining about us normalising racism, you tried to racialize normality, and everybody was perfectly happy to live their lives, just completely live normal with everything fine, and you had to turn everything into a racial conflict.

You (the Talmudic Postmodern Neo-Marxist Fifth Column) are the ones who did this! You created this problem!

It’s not even something I want to brag about, it sounds cucky for me to say. A lot of my relationships, even my romantic ones, have been with non-Whites over the course of my life. I have not been out seeking a justification for my racial hatred all my life (or some sh-t like this).

I grew up in New York. I grew up in a diverse environment. One could not segregate themselves racially if they chose to. I only moved to New Hampshire because I wanted more freedom, and the fact that they were all White was just a coincidence as far as I’m concerned.

It wasn’t until you people told me that keeping my guns was White supremacy, it wasn’t until you told me that low taxes was White supremacy, that I started to sort of notice like ‘Oh wait a second they’ve got a point’.

You people want to racialize normality, then do not complain that other people are normalising racism.

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