The incomparable greatness of British civilisation


Emperor Trump made an announcement on Monday which was worthy of our race.

Trump Moon
I want my damn jetpack, NASA.

Like in so many areas, Trump is getting us back on track to where we were by the late 60’s before the subhuman left took over and turned the West into a feral bedsit for crybaby slobs. He’s cleaning house, kicking arse and deporting criminal mestizos back to their colourful favelas.

MS13 gang
B-b-but they had a dream…

Now we just need to deal with our own barbarian problem…

African gang

Key to this restoration of the nations of the West will be remembering who we are. Thankfully, that will be a pleasant experience, because we just happen to be the most accomplished, mighty and successful race in all of human history.

Most. Badass. People. Ever.

We British (and I include my potato nibba Irish ancestors in that category – fight me in the comments Paddy) have contributed more to the enrichment of humanity than any other race on Earth. It’s not quite polite to point it out, but given that all we hear these days are the anti-white lies of the left, it’s worth reminding ourselves of just how awesome we are.

Let’s take a look.

We British discovered logarithms, invented submarines, invented desalination, harnessed steam power, invented the seed drill, invented modern agriculture, created sociology (sorry world), discovered modern economics, pioneered modern animal husbandry, invented the threshing machine, invented the first vaccine… and that takes us up to 1800.

We invented modern chemistry, the first incandescent light, the first locomotive, firearms, the haymaking machine, electromagnets, the mechanical reaping machine, the first mechanical computer, the electric telegraph, the fire hydrant, the bicycle, postage stamps, the electric clock, hollow needle syringes, chemical fertilisers, steam-powered ships, seismology, the stethoscope, calculus, the drop-method for hanging, amphibious vehicles, the fax machine, torpedoes, refrigeration (in Australia!), the sewing machine, the combine harvester, Boolean algebra, traffic lights, solar panels, the circuit breaker, the telephone, the light switch, modern rock climbing, the breast pump (you’re welcome, feminists), fingerprinting, wireless radio, toilet paper, the electric stove, rifles, escalators, machine guns, breakfast cereal, barbed wire, paper bags, tape measure, dildos (again, feminists, you’re welcome), the clothes hanger, tractors, LEDs, the cash register, electric fans, skyscrapers, photography, fixed-wing aircraft, flight, movies, aircraft design, radiotherapy, the nickel-zinc battery, television, the electron microscope, the jet engine, portable defibrillators, smoke detectors, the Ferris wheel, the zipper, volleyball, basketball, cricket, soccer, rugby, badminton, modern boxing, the mousetrap, the remote control, the shotgun, the vertical filing cabinet, modern road markings, computing, microprogramming, carbon fibres, the assembly line, the safety razor, the hearing aid, teddy bears, the collapsible periscope, mechanical air conditioning, the teabag, the offset printing press, windshield wipers, the automatic transmission, the curtain rod, the paper towel, the supermarket, the tow truck, the grocery bag, the blender, the pop-up toaster, the jungle gym, the band-aid, the garage door, the garage door opener, power steering, water skiing, the bulldozer, the camera, the gas chamber, masking tape, the liquid-fuel rocket, the applicator tampon (please use them, feminists), sunglasses, the electric guitar, the radio telescope, the trampoline, the digital computer, the shopping cart, deodorant (for those hairy pits, femmos), the bazooka, the Slinky, the microwave oven, cruise control, the credit card, the transistor, videotape, the laser, the weather satellite, the laser printer, wide-body aircraft, ATMs, IVF, laptops, computer games, the barcode, the nuclear submarine, the internet, email, GPS, the mobile phone, SMS messaging, tilt-and-roll luggage and animal cloning.

Oh yeah, and we discovered electrons, gravity, the galaxies and Antarctica.

And when I say ‘we’, I mean men. We British men.

The Mongols may have had the largest contiguous land empire, the Chinese might be the oldest continuous civilisation and the Malays might have… um… well anyway, those people have their accomplishments but they pale in comparison to the glorious achievements of us British.

Our empire was also half again the size of that conquered by the khans, so BTFO Genghis.

Genghis angly
Fun fact: He was probably a ranga

But how is it that we, the race with the most glorious and magnificent history of all, have come to hate ourselves so much?

Alongside a collapse in Western morale following two savage world wars and the toxic spread of cultural Marxism, we have become victims of our own success.

Key to our existential problem in the West is, to me, that we have accomplished too much. The entire world speaks our language. They dress in our national costume, the London banker’s suit. They learn our music, play our sports, debate using our ideas and rely on our technologies. By becoming universal our culture, language and beliefs have become invisible to us. It’s the imperial curse.

This process of cultural and linguistic dissolution is now being replicated racially. We’re miscegenating ourselves to death.

Do we care? Is the British race worth saving?

We have conquered the world and then invited them in to our lands, dissolving ourselves as a consequence. We have forgotten who we are in the process. Like the Romans, we’ve neglected the ethnocentric distinction between civilised and barbarian, and it’s making us erase ourselves through the loss of identity. The Marxists are just accelerating the process.

If we’re going to save this, the objectively greatest civilisation in all of human history, we must remember ourselves. We must again assert our distinctiveness against an alien and hostile world.

That’s not to say there isn’t a place for people not of Western European extraction in our countries. Not all foreigners are equally barbaric, and some are more compatible than others. We must always remember, however, that those people are aliens and will always prefer their own ethnic group over ours given the chance. They are not us, and do not share our loyalty to our heritage, culture and demographic integrity. They will, generally speaking, favour multiculturalism and civic nationalism over a true ethnic identity for the nation.

And if we let too many in too quickly they will colonise, divide and destroy us.

Lakemba cancer
Are Westies still Westies if they’re not Western?

That’s just the way it is. They know it, too.

Aflicans go way