Food for Thought – The Power of Weaponised Piss-Taking

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

I might be just a “minimum wage White-trash lowlife” with “no prospects” (to quote a Green Left uni-attending associate) who works in aged care and moonlights as a graphic designer and an alt-media satirist, but I have never felt more fulfilled in my life then what I am doing right now!

Sorry (not sorry) to all you gainfully unemployed, poz-riddled zealots of the current year decadence cults, who worship open borders, multiculturalism, miscegenation and crypto-paedophilic rainbow politics, but I’ll gladly die in utter agony defending White Western Patriarchal values from oxygen thieves like you!

In my opinion, if you’re not deemed a “Nazi” by the lunatic lemmings of the anti-White Green/Labor/Turnbull establishment in this country, then there is something foundationally wrong with your worldview!

While cancerous commie cretins utilise political dissimulation to push the myth of a White conspiracy at the core of all planetary ills, White media (and ONLY White media) is being deplatformed from the internet. White Nations (and ONLY White Nations) are being obligated to absorb antithetical non-White populations of the Third World en masse (in order to replace the global White minority).

White dissidents opposed to this are being threatened with violence, fired from their jobs, locked out of the financial system and/or being imprisoned.

Thus, as the Post-Modern neo-Marxist fifth column are provided their marching orders by the presstitutes in the dwindling corporate controlled globalist media, I take solace in knowing that I am one of many taking a proverbial piss on their place in history!

Food for thought.