Food For Thought – Can You Be Too White?


There is a terrific video taken from a Q&A session following one of Richard Spencer’s speeches back in April of the current year. An SJW posits the question “Am I White enough?”, which is subsequently taken up by Mike Enoch to be redirected to a black person about their blackness.

Meme by Ryan Fletcher

The answer that ensues is “Ain’t no thang as Black enough”, which Mike takes up by saying “Alright we’ll go with that. Ain’t no such thang as White enough.”

The intention behind the question posited by this looney Uni SJW is intended to attack and undermine the confidence of Whiteness as an identity (something which seems to be a foundational proclivity of those with a post-Modernist backed education in the Western world these days).

However, when you have a 17-year old White girl being gang raped by Muslims, who is then further tortured by having lighter fluid poured in her vagina and set alight, and your greatest concern is “duh evil Alt Right Nazis”, you’re f-cking delusional!

At what point are we going to exert ourselves as an ethnic group and fight back against the kosher culture corrosion aided by sycophantic parasite cults of cuckservatives and Liberal lunatics.

At what point are we going to turn the Culture of Critique back on the socially defective reject “pop-pandering” anti-culture, which has pathologized healthy heterosexual families and traditional archetypes as intrinsically evil to perverts and rejects, who only want to parasite off the increasing burden being placed on White working-class families.

At what point do we say to ourselves, “I’m done engaging in masturbatory cuck-lite ‘them duh real racists’ tropes, and I’m going to start supporting people who overtly advocate for my interests as a racially conscious White person”.

As Whites are the only group who meet concerted opposition when trying to organize for their interests, it’s pure hate to criticise those who are making the effort to rally White dissidents around the idea that they have a right to exist and prosper in a homeland that is theirs, free from subversive aliens who only want to see them burn.

Food For Thought.