Christopher Cantwell – “You Couldn’t Pay Me To Run Away From This Thing!”

Hail Cantwell! Meme sourced from Twitter.

This transcribed exchange between Mike Enoch and Christopher Cantwell is taken from Christopher Cantwell’s first interview with the fellas at The Right Stuff after being released from Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.

Christopher Cantwell: This is what I love. Jared Howe, he originally came up with this line and I’ve taken his quote on it, they say ‘our speech is violence and their violence is speech’.

Everything that they do is we say something online, they consider it violence and they attack us and then we defend ourselves and they act like we’re criminals for it. That’s their entire routine.

I guess they can get away with that for a little while, like they can do that in the media (and they’ve certainly managed to do that in the PR war so far). But when you start laying things out in a court room, when you start laying out the facts methodically, cooler heads prevail.

Mike Enoch: Yeah that’s the thing. They rely on an atmosphere of hysteria and one that is constantly whipped up amongst their own circles. They are constantly whipping up, and like there might be some that actually believe it, some of them are no doubt cynical, some of them are no doubt completely gaslit (and it’s hard to know which).

But the idea that Right-wing speech is violent, has for quite a while actually been a principle in talking points for the J-Left.

(J-Left: somebody who is like ‘I want trannies around your kids. I want the social defects, freaks and rejects to be pushed on you and you’re not allowed to avoid them’)

It’s long been a principle amongst them, in their writings and in their philosophy (if you can call it philosophy), their ideas is that when you say ‘trannies are just crazy people’ that’s violence. They will literally say that is violence.

I’ve just committed an act of violence by saying ‘trannies are just crazy people that need some form of help and pumping them full of estrogen and cutting off their dick isn’t what they need’.

Yet they say ‘punch Nazis’, and they cannot say that ‘punch Nazis’ is a meme or an idiom. After the Richard Spencer punch, and after the fact that we’ve been attacked by these people at literally every public location we’ve shown up at, they cannot credibly claim that ‘punch Nazis is just a little meme that we’re doing’.

And they talk about way worse than that. I would love to get a peek into these people’s internal communications, because one of the purposes of all the shit that they’re doing to us is they’re want a peek into ours.

Well go ahead and take a look!

Christopher Cantwell: Here’s a fun line that I love, I read this piece (when I was in jail) in the Washington Post titled ‘ANTIFA: Guardians Against Fascism or Lawless thrill seekers’ September 14th, 2017. They literally interviewed this guy Chris Hines and he said:

“If everyone is punching a Nazi it’s eventually going to create a mass militant movement based around ‘Anti-Fascism’.

“That will hopefully be enough to stop them from gaining power.”

These people are literally out committing acts of terrorism, by the dictionary and legal definition of it, writing about it in the Washington Post and given license to do it.

Mike Enoch: Well on top of that, one of their catch phrases when they’re asked about this stuff with journalists and anyone really, what they say is they’re engaged in ‘direct action’ (which means violence).

Their purpose is to prevent us from organising, and they say this ‘We engage in direct street action to prevent “Fascists and Nazis” from organising.’ Now, if one of these motherf-ckers moved across state lines to do this, that is literally conspiracy to move across state lines to deny civil rights.

Because we have the right to speak and the right to organise. We have freedom of association, we have freedom of speech, these are constitutional rights and if you cross state lines with the direct intent of preventing the right to organise you’re directly guilty of crossing state lines to deny civil rights (and you’re wearing a f-cking mask while doing it too).