Food For Thought – I Identify As A Bird Today

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

It seems in these troubled times that a dissociative disconnection from reality is deepening within our society. Far too many have been groomed to believe this deceitful Postmodernist proposition that sticking feathers up your butt will somehow make you a chicken.

Sorry (but not sorry) to all you non-binary, dreadlocked, unshaven, unwashed zers and gelded low testosterone male-feminists out there who promote this trans-sexual, trans-cultural, trans-racial, trans-species, trans-human garbage, but you are mentally ill!

The fact that some in our society would sooner bestow an award on a feminist fruitcake for breastfeeding her puppy and fertilising one of her eggs with dog cells than protect our traditional monuments, movies and music from perpetually offended criminals is utterly batsh-t insane!

The fact that people who identify as “anti-racists” proclaim solidarity with ANC government officials who publicly call for the killing and decapitating of White infants, is pathologically psychotic in my estimation!

The fact that Marxist homosexual marriage extremists can proclaim solidarity with a certain “religion of peace” that throws homosexuals off rooftops, requires an Olympian level of mental gymnastics which I cannot comprehend.

Meanwhile, you have lawmakers like Merav Michaeli jumping on Q&A to tell us that marriage is not something we should maintain”.

Which goes to show that the bigger the leap of faith we take in the revelations of relativism put forth by Postmodern Neo-Marxist prophets, the more likely our civilisation is destined to suffer miserably and die as a result of PMSD (Postmodern Stupidity Disorder).

Food For Thought.