The Continuing White Genocide Across South Africa


Simon Roche, Head of the Office of the HQ of the world’s largest non-state civil defence organization Suidlanders, recently was interviewed by Alex Jones.

Simon Rouche provides an overview of the systemic genocide of White people in South Africa currently being overseen by the African National Congress (the communist party of Nelson Mandela and Joe Slovo) and the emerging Economic Freedom Fighters (a radical Leninist-Stalinist party).

“The chances of a White farmer being murdered on his farm are more than double the chances of a policemen in this violent society being killed. Now, when a man who tills the soil stands more than twice the chance of a crime fighter in a violent society dying, then you know something is wrong.

“The statistical likelihood of a White person being murdered by a Black person in South Africa is more than 1200% higher than any Black person in the USA ever stood at being lynched. We are not condoning lynching, we are saying get a sense of perspective.

“It is like a cancer! At the moment it is expressing itself something terrible in South Africa. The rate of rape and murder and what have you is just phenomenal…

“For example, the elderly couple that had boiling water poured over them, or the elderly gentlemen who recently got locked up in his Ford truck and then the truck set on fire and burned to death. The little 4-year-old girl who was raped by three men, survived it, and because she survived (this was proven in the post-mortem autopsy) she was then bundled up in newspaper with gasoline poured over it and then set on fire.

“Or the girl who was crucified on her parents’ kitchen table, and then raped (a 3-year-old girl in this instance) by four men whilst crucified to her parents’ kitchen table, after her father had his throat slit and her mother had been killed as well.

“It is beyond people’s imagination what we are in at the moment.”