ABC Media Watch goes full commie, defends Antifa


It has long been clear to everyday Australians who didn’t drink the Western Marxist Kool Aid at university that the ABC is a communist front organisation. In the current year, however, they’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

On Monday night Media Watch, which should instead call itself Right Wing Watch, did a hitpiece on Shayne Hunter, a young man and former Antifa member who recently came out against the organisation in a article.

Shayne Hunter Antifa

In Shayne’s telling, he was radicalised around Newtown in Sydney and then moved back to his hometown Brisbane to help establish the domestic terror group there. While back in Brisbane he saw the light, broke free of the “cult” (as he describes it), and decided to warn everyday Australians of the dangers of the group.

Yeah Queensland will do that to you, Shayne.

Pauline Hanson burqa
You’re not in Newtown anymore, son.

According to host Paul Barry, however, Antifa is a harmless group of concerned citizens who “delight in disrupting far right rallies”.

Antifa Portland
Portland is a stronghold for Antifa, and incidentally an AIDS hotspot.
Antifa beating police
Concerned citizen preventing Nazism from spreading.
Antifa Cronulla march
They learned that at uni.

And putting bikelocks through people’s skulls, burning cities and putting iron bars through XYZ writers’ heads, Paul.

Antifa bashed Ryan Fletcher

Barry did acknowledge the violent attack on columnist Andrew Bolt by Antifa thugs last year, however laughingly dismissed it by saying their weapons of choice were “shaving cream and glitter”.

That’s hilarious, Paul. I bet if some ‘neo-Nazis’ attacked you in the street like that, you’d think it was a barrel of laughs.


We can understand why Paul is dirty with Andrew Bolt, though. Bolt just revealed for his readers a very serious conflict of interest by the smug and self-righteous Barry.

Paul Barry owns shares in Private Media, the owner of far left rag Crikey, which in 2012 were worth $152,000. Unsurprisingly, Media Watch leaves Crikey alone to bellow Trotskyite nonsense to a shrinking audience of Gen X hipsters.

Barry has described the amount as “tiny”. To a Boomer like Barry who’s made millions over the decades pushing neo-Bolshevik agitprop, it probably is.

I guess it’s capitalism for you, Paul, and Marxism for everyone else then? How typical.

Scumbag Barry

During his highly sarcastic and condescending attack on private citizen Shayne Hunter, Barry listed some of the terror attacks of ISIS overseas, contrasting that with Antifa as if to prove that the piece was sheer hyperbole.

This is intellectually dishonest, and Barry knows it. The point that Hunter was making in his interview, written by Corrine Barraclough, was that Antifa’s ideology is a fusion of Western Marxist identity politics with Bolshevism. He’s right, too. Antifa traces its origins back to the German communists of the 1930’s who engaged the Nazis in pitched street battles.

Antifa communists

Antifa are communists, and although Barry supports that ideology, it has still claimed the lives of over 100 million people during the last century.

That’s a bit more dangerous than ISIS, wouldn’t you say, Paul?

Of course you wouldn’t. Instead, you provided the domestic terrorists (who you call Shayne’s ‘former colleagues’…) with a platform for their social media response.

Antifa Facebook
Media Watch get their transmissions direct from Moscow.

Wow. This is the same group of people, mainly based around the anarchist Jura Bookshop in Newtown, who maintain an online hit list of ‘Nazis’ who need bashing.

I’m one of the people on there, Paul. So are other XYZ writers. Will you also laugh about it when they put a bikelock through our heads?

The sympathetic and dishonest coverage which Media Watch provided for Antifa contrasts starkly with the treatment neo-Nazi movement Antipodean Resistance (AR) received from the media. While most Australians find the views of AR noxious, they have never committed violence of any form and have constrained themselves to putting up posters and going camping.

Who does the far left media compare AR to? You guessed it… ISIS.

AR camping
Camping is terrorism.

From the article:

“ASIO noted that while Sunni Islamist extremism was the pre-eminent terrorist threat facing Australia, ‘other groups continue to engage in politically motivated violence and the promotion of communal violence”.

Not only did the article ignore ASIO likening far right and far left groups to each other, they explicitly made reference to Islamist extremism and connected it to AR.

Why wasn’t that sloppy yellow journalism the subject of a scathing Media Watch segment, Paul?

Let me answer for you: Because you’re a filthy commie advancing neo-Marxist propaganda on taxpayer dollars.

As usual, Barry brought on a high priest of academia to provide a weighty quote to show that the far left establishment knows best. This time it was Dr Troy Whitford, from Wagga Wagga.

Dr Whitford obliged Media Watch with an appropriately left-wing quote, saying that the comparison of Antifa with ISIS was “absurd”, and that:

Troy Whitford quote

Well that’s interesting, Troy. Not two months ago you wrote a piece for another left-wing propaganda arm, The Conversation, in which you said:

Troy Whitford The Conversation

So which is it, Troy? Are Antifa terrorists or not? It seems you might just be having a bob each way, no?

It makes me wonder: Do you get paid by Media Watch to appear? Or is it a pro bono raising of your public profile?

I’m sure it’s irrelevant. Paul Barry would never engage in a conflict of interest, right?

As usual, the propaganda arm of the leftist establishment relies on the nexus between violent extremists, the mainstream media and neo-Marxist academics to provide legitimacy for a worldview which was seen as dangerously radical just a few decades ago, and is still rejected by the silent majority of Australians. The people the far left elite dismiss as uncouth bogans. People like us.

Paul Barry rich
Barry’s salary in 2013.

What I see is Paul Barry sitting in a professional studio, being paid a quarter million annually with a $1 billion per year masthead behind him, make up on and hair done, mocking a young guy recovering from Antifa brainwashing and trying to expose it to everyday Australians.

I see abuse of power. I see bullying.

Paul, you have no right to sit in judgement on your profession. I’m tempted to call you fake news, the way you do to media which contradicts your ideology. I won’t, though.

You’re very fake news.

Paul Barry fake news