Milo reveals Sunrise hosts as dithering mental infants on national TV


It seems Milo is back.

For a brief period he was one of the most hated men on Earth by the virtue-signaling leftists who run the msm. Then he disappeared, the victim of a cruel character assassination when he had done nothing wrong.

Milo may dig group sex with black dudes, but he’s not a paedophile. He also may have done a Roman salute or two, but he’s not a Nazi. The Nazis can’t stand him.

He’s a gay Jew who has sex with black dudes, for starters.

Milo is a Nazi
Image taken from an Antifag website because they don’t respect property rights.

He’s just a cultural libertarian; an anti-Marxist who has figured out the Achilles heel of the postmodern left. Leftists demand that we debate them ‘seriously’ because laughing at them exposes them for the pearl-clutching, frightbat control freaks they are.

Our memes are kryptonite to the left. Like all narcissists, they can’t laugh at themselves because that would reveal that they are the joke. It also means they’re going to lose this culture war.

This is how we beat the Western Marxists and their paramilitary wing, Antifa. We mock them and bludgeon them with facts. They will attempt to bludgeon us with iron bars in return, but history is clear about who wins that fight.

The ones with the better ideas always win in the long run. That’s us.

That image above is from an actual Antifa training camp, by the way.

Kochie and whoever the blonde chick is they’re using as his sidekick this year didn’t stand a chance against Milo, because they don’t know why they believe what they believe. No-one on the left does anymore. The Central European and later French intellectuals who came up with their bullshit beliefs are long dead. Leftists today are mental zombies, infected with a virus that our culture has finally found the antibodies for.

Men like Milo.

I recommend you go along and check out Milo’s speaking tour later this year. You can get tickets at this link.

In the meantime, enjoy watching a based fag destroy a balding beta white knight orbiter. And Kochie, if you don’t understand that last sentence, you’re a dinosaur.

And we’re the asteroid.

Milo eats Sunrise presenters
Screenshot from website.