Love of self is not hatred of others


You may have heard our little Kiwi bros elected a toothy brunette last week who just told the property spruikers, banksters and Chinese ‘apartment immigrants’ to BTFO.

Asian buyers BTFO
Why u no rike us now?

That’s a big change from business-as-usual down here in China’s outermost suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. It seems the political elites are getting the message that the people hate globalism and want leaders who will protect our interests.

Unfortunately though, Jacinda Ardern is not going to lead fake Australia out of the economic and political wilderness. This is just a populist bone thrown to millennials, along with higher future taxes, more social division and the Justin Trudeau-style politics of symbolism over substance.

Jacinda Ardern Indian af
Ethnic as, bro.

More Marxism, in other words. Ardern was formerly President of the International Union of Socialist Youth, the youth wing established by the Second International (later known as the Comintern) in 1907. She’s a commie.

At this stage, Ardern has neither confirmed nor denied whether she will establish gulags across the New Zealand archipelago.

This sudden reversal of trend and assertion of economic nationalism from a globalist puppet like Ardern mimics what we’re seeing in France from Rothschild stooge Emmanuel Macron and his grandma-wife. Brexit and Trump have made the globalist elite nervous enough that they’re at least paying lip-service to nationalism, while doubling-down on globalism’s core agenda.

It won’t work. We the people are far too angry and far too alienated from the establishment by now. White nationalism, if not on the march, is at least getting itself out of bed after a long, unpleasant slumber, looking out the window and saying ‘WTF’.

This is causing unease among many political moderates and hysteria among the far left in this country. It is now commonplace to read the neo-Marxist commentariat shrieking about Nazis under the beds, desperately trying to rouse their Antifa goblins to #bashthefash and fix the problem.

That won’t work, either. The young white nationalists who are emerging are (mostly…) not national socialists. They are reviving a heritage which was intrinsic to Australia for the first 180 years of its existence, and has only been suppressed through the strenuous efforts of the militant, postmodern left.

WAP Game
Great-grandpa was a Nazi, kids.

It is also not surprising that even a full-on femmo neo-Marxist pozzed af shitlib like Jacinda Ardern can take an economic nationalist stance. That’s because ethnic nationalism is not a left or right issue. It’s the default worldview of a confident and healthy population in a hostile and alien world.

If you go to China and start advocating against Chinese interests, you’ll get shown the door or the re-education camp quick smart. Try it in Israel and the rabbis will mob you.

Really, it’s true. I tried taking a photo of the Wailing Wall on Shabbat when I was in Jerusalem and those dudes with the pigtails went nuts.

We used to be just as confident, until the poison of anti-white, anti-male and anti-Christian Western Marxism corroded our self-belief and left us begging to be conquered as vindication for our wickedness. We weren’t genocidal maniacs or evil bigots either, despite the mythmaking of the leftist historical revisionists.

We knew who we were, and we passed that down to our children. We gave them an identity forged over centuries from which to know the world; for it is only by knowing ourselves that we can know another.

Young Australians today are missing this basis for their identity, and so chase illusory substitutes from their lifestyle, image and status. It creates a shallow, narcissistic and ultimately hopeless culture that offers nothing to the young. It’s the great erasure of the Australian people and their Anglo-Celtic heritage.

We don’t know ourselves anymore, and it means we can’t know others. We also don’t love ourselves anymore, and it is ripping our society apart.

This is why ethnic nationalism is the only way forward for the people of the West. The same applies to Aborigines here and the Maoris in New Zealand. No more negative identities based upon what evil whitey did to you and what evil whitey didn’t give you. It’s killing those peoples to have such a toxic basis for their sense of self. Just as whites must reject moralistic narratives of guilt and shame, other groups must reject the converse narratives of grievance and entitlement. It’s destroying all of us.

All of humanity has a common enemy in the tyranny of international socialism. The long-planned subversion of the peoples of the world under a globalist dictatorship, the dream of Jacinda Ardern’s commie organisation since its founding, is coming to a head over the next few decades.

Only ethnic nationalism, and for us that means white nationalism, is a force strong enough to bind us together in common purpose to fight globalism. That’s why the crooked elite fear it so much, and have worked so hard to undermine and destroy it. We must remember who we are, and assert it against the intellectuals and propagandists who want to gaslight us out of existence.

It isn’t about hating non-whites, even when they buy up all our houses and leave nothing for our young. It’s about rediscovering our heritage, restoring our families and reconstructing our communities.

Only by doing so will we defeat the tyrants.