What Is The Logical Consequence Of Being ‘Alt-Lite’?

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

The following quotation is a short excerpt from a recorded prison podcast with Christopher Cantwell (aka inmate 631424) who currently remains in custody at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.

Christopher Cantwell is an outspoken Alt-Right media personality, activist and White Nationalist political prisoner, being held on egregiously false charges emanating from allegations made by Communist agitators.

Christopher communicates in this podcast recording:

“They (the “New Right” aka “Alt-Lite”) will talk about feminism as being ridiculous. They will, to some extent, talk about immigration. But anything explicitly racial they will not do, and so they call us ‘racist’, and counter signal, and they can’t be on the same street as Richard Spencer…

There’s no benefit to it at all other than the short term (for example ‘we’re not going to shut-down your social media channels as fast’). Long term, it’s like you’re going to incur all these things, and they (the Postmodern neo-Marxist Fifth Column) are going to hate you anyway, and you’re ultimately going to have no respect from the people who care about the truth.

You’re being branded simultaneously a liar by one group of people and an extremist by the other, and fine you get to have your little day in the sunshine where you play the middle ground, but you can’t. This is a war!

Like do you just want to play the centre in a war between ideological extremes? All you are going to be doing is getting shot at from both sides, figuratively speaking of course.”

P.S. If you are able, please join me in contributing to the rescue fund for /ourgoy/ Christopher Cantwell: