How Leftist Brain AIDS Kills Common Sense

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

The following quotation is a short excerpt from a recorded anarcho-Capitalist podcast with Christopher Cantwell (aka inmate 631424) who currently remains in custody at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.

Christopher Cantwell is an outspoken Alt-Right media personality, activist and White Nationalist political prisoner, being held on egregiously false charges emanating from allegations made by Communist agitators.

Christopher communicates in this podcast recording:

“The Communists are not going to give you a break because you had BLM (Black Lives Matter) come and take over your event. The Communists are not going to give you a break because you said you’re ‘Heritage not hate’.

The Communists are here to destroy White Western patriarchal values and all of modernity which is made possible. And so it is not surprising to me that they say they’re involved in a degree of polylogism, when they say on the one hand “the Donald Trump supporters are racist, because they are putting these Uncle Toms up as fake representatives of Black Lives Matter”, and then on the other hand they say “the Donald Trump supporters are realising they’re weak, and they’re now being dominated by the strong dominant Black man”.

They will say completely contrary opposite things, in different corners, because they have the means by which to do so. They do not have to present the united front, they just have to take away from us. They are not trying to build anything, they are here to destroy, and so they do not have to present in a unified fashion.

As long as they can take away from us, the more directions they take away from us, the better. It presents us with a degree of difficulty because we are trying to counter both narratives. It’s a strategic advantage they have over us.

The truth has this nasty habit of being singular in nature, unless you’re talking about subjective opinions. So where we are fighting against Marxists, it is that they are foundationally liars.

In large part they don’t actually agree there is an objective reality, so that they can say what ever they want, and it doesn’t matter if its real or not because they create their realities as they go along.

So when we are trying to discuss things honestly, and we’re dealing with people who’re foundationally dishonest, they have the ability to say multiple dishonest things and we only have the one truth.

And that’s something you really have to think about when you’re dealing with propagandists. There are probably ten different narratives that they can come up with, and they’ll all attack you at the same time, and they’ll all be treated by our enemies as equally true (even though they are contradictory).

This is post-modernist thinking. That they attack the very notion of common sense. That they attack the very foundations of epistemology and make it impossible for us to discuss things rationally, and really that is the danger of the people that we’re dealing with.”

P.S. If you are able, please join me in contributing to the rescue fund for /ourgoy/ Christopher Cantwell: