Food For Thought – Heather Heyer Is No Martyr

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

With Charlottesville still reverberating throughout my social media accounts, I have made it a point of duty to continuously declare my fervent support for the Unite The Right rally.

Perhaps it has to do with my own experience of having been assaulted at a legally permitted protest by ANTIFA criminals, and having the fake news refer to myself and fellow protesters as “extremists” (while referring to our assailants as “anti-racism protesters”).

However, when I read that the Mayor of Charlottesville (Michael Signer) is considering renaming a street in honour of that bloated Bolshevik b-tch Heather Heyer, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say America is on a fast track to hell.

It was bad enough that President Trump kowtowed to these lying presstitutes in the controlled media by signing into law a congressional resolution that condemned “White Nationalists and White Supremacists”.

Meanwhile, just the other day another ski-mask wearing “We wuz Kangz” Black militant shoots a bunch of White people attending Church in Nashville, and somehow the narrative neglects to hold the slain up as martyrs of Black Supremacy.

Yet some folks still tell me to “rise above it” and “be the bigger person”.

Sorry, but as I’m a viscous asshole who reviles what Cultural Marxism has done to our world, I’ll gladly point out that Heather Heyer was the “bigger person” and that she’s since “risen above it” now that she’s dead.

Food for thought.