Food For Thought – Good, Good! Let The Edginess Flow Through You!

Based Emperor Apostaticus. Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

It seems almost a daily phenomena for the fake news media to portray the patriotic, God-fearing, pro-Constitutionalist, anti-Globalist venerators of the right to keep and bear arms as nefarious “White supremacists”. Meanwhile these same presstitutes feign righteousness towards the regressive rebellion out to “Resist Trump”.

Never mind the fact that supposedly conservative world leaders are looking to dish out 15-year prison sentences for those repeatedly viewing “far-Right propaganda”, while University publishers disseminate ANTIFA DIY Terrorism manuals to students (as noted by based David Hilton the other day).

Never mind the mass media attempts to dismiss any notion that the targeted killing of 59 and injuring of 527 concertgoers was a Communist terrorist attack (even when the perpetrator was found to be in possession of ANTIFA propaganda and cadres as far away as Melbourne rejoiced by stating “One of our comrades has made those Trump supporting dogs pay”).

Never mind that while these same presstitutes characterise these Communist terrorists as “anti-racism protesters” they’re in the process of receiving military training by pro-ISIS Kurdish militias (while simultaneously declaring an escalation in violence against the “White, capitalist, patriarchal” West).

No dear reader, according to the Cultural Marxists we are the Palpatine plotters of a fanciful Fourth Reich influenced by the “Dark Side of the force” (which admittedly might explain my desire for physical removal of these rebel scum).

Food for thought