Elite-sponsored communism


When Henry Parkes published the first edition of ‘The Empire’ newspaper in Sydney in December, 1850, the front page was mostly advertising. No distinction was made in the copy between what was advertising and what was news.

That’s because Henry had to make an honest living, evil capitalist that he was. The socialist left have tried to claim him as theirs in recent years. Bulldust. Like all decent men, Henry was a natural capitalist.

This is because capitalism, true, small-scale, productive, honest capitalism, is the friend of the common man and the enemy of those who would tax, exploit and rule him. That the left have been able to convince so many people today that capitalism is evil, represented by globalist corporations, is a sign of how much those Marxist bastards have corrupted our language.

The globalist establishment are corporatists. They’re for using state power to advance the interests of a tiny elite against the interests of the people. They serve the money power, which is always parasitic. They’re with Soros, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. These are the oligarchs whose interests are served by left-wing ideologies.

That’s the kind of thing settlers like Henry Parkes fleeing European oppression devoted their lives to fighting against. It’s anti-human, anti-family and anti-white. It’s certainly not capitalism.

By starting his paper, Parkes provided a platform for nationalists like John Lang to advocate for the Australian people to take sovereign control over the continent we were blessed with. That’s a struggle that still carries on today.

And these days, dear reader, it seems we’re losing.

Parkes’ first edition of ‘The Empire’ also had an ad on the front page for powdered biscuits ‘for invalids and children’. Good luck getting that printed in the current year, Henry.

Invalid children
Here, have a biscuit.

Was Parkes alive today, he would be appalled at how thoroughly the elites control the media in this country. He’d be a fan of your XYZ rather than their ABC.

The reason the media has been co-opted so thoroughly by the establishment that Parkes spent his life railing against is because very little of the Australian media has to turn a profit. Those parts of the mainstream media which do are struggling.

The Australian people are tuning out from the bullshit, and it’s making it impossible for the establishment media to pay the bills. If government and plutocrats weren’t stepping in to fill the void, there would be no mainstream media left in Australia at all.

The same trends are present overseas, as well. The Washington Post is now the personal blog of Amazon founder and crony billionaire Jeff Bezos, and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim bought into the New York Times as a power play too.

They don’t care about making money from those prestigious, establishment mastheads. They want the power owning them provides.

We have plutocrats setting up loss-making media ventures in order to gain power here, as well. You probably haven’t heard of him, but Jewish-Australian Morris Zultan ‘Morry’ Schwartz is our very own Jeff Bezos.

Schwartz is the owner of Black Inc., which publishes The Monthly, The Quarterly Essay, The Saturday Paper and now Australian Foreign Affairs.

Black Inc. communism
The best news money can buy.

When Schwartz started The Saturday Paper back in 2014, commie rag The Guardian breathlessly exclaimed:

He loves newspapers – the tactile, manufactured, rustling dead-tree artefact. He loves the type, the paper, the layout and the words. He can’t keep his hands off them.

Yeah, it’s all about the feel of the paper. Nothing to do with the feeling of bending politicians and the organs of the state to his will. Nothing to do with getting his hands on more power. Nothing at all.

Julie Bishop Morry Schwartz
Why be king when you can be kingmaker?

It’s no surprise Schwartz would seek power through control of the media. He made billions in the most corrupt industry in the country, real estate development. Using influence over politicians to advance personal interests is second nature to real estate developers.

It’s also no surprise that Schwartz’s pet editors are as commie as they come. They write with that effete smugness that comes from breathing only the rarefied air of heritage Sydney or Melbourne for decades, then taking taxpayer money to cleanse the unwashed suburbs of ignorance in bloviating longform and condescending essays.

Imagining themselves a radical vanguard in the spirit of a Rousseau or Proudhon, they are instead middlebrow poseurs propping up the edges of a dying, postwar order.

Familiar to readers of your XYZ is anti-Semite Richard Cooke, editor of The Monthly. He wrote a piece last week for The Saturday Paper, also part of Schwartz’s collection, hysterically warning Australia not to let Milo come to town or else the fascists will take over and everyone will be goosestepping like Prussians in no time.

Cooke’s tone was, as you’d expect, scathing:

Like many alt-right and alt-lite figures, Milo Yiannopoulos learnt the grift before he learnt the politics. There is still footage of him as an earnest tech reporter, who then sophomored in dubious dotcom start-ups. Mike Cernovich, Corrine Barraclough, Daisy Cousens, Tanveer Ahmed, Helen Demidenko, Bettina Arndt, and many, many more have made a similar trajectory, through juice diets, or gossip magazine editing, or dating coaching, father’s rights, cryptocurrency, “resiliency” psychology, literary fraud, television bingo, social media plagiarism, and a host of other, well… scams.

You see, for Cooke, the right are stoopid and lowbrow because we’re not the left. If we were smart, we’d be leftists, right? We’d have respectable jobs working as sell-pens for real estate tycoons, or we’d work in universities and live off of others’ taxes. We wouldn’t have to get our hands grubby trying to make a living through disgusting, evil capitalism, right?

Schwartz’s Black Inc., the parent company for Morry’s publishing interests, started out as Schwartz Publishing. In the 80’s, Schwartz had his first success outside real estate development with the publication of… American self-help books.

This one was their biggest hits.

Scammy Schwartz
Richard would you call that a scam’? It looks a bit scammy.

These types of hypocrisies are always revealed when you dig a little into the background of these leftists. They love to point the finger and accuse, and for decades conservatives have been gullible and foolish enough to believe what they said.

No more. These people are liars and charlatans, and everything the left accuse you of, they do.

These nefarious links to plutocrats and shadowy interests reveal too why the normie media never exposes the true corruption oppressing the people of Australia. They never expose the shady non-profits set up to bring refugees in and accept government funding for it, or the sleazy links between contractors and government bureaucrats who decide how budgets get allocated.

They’ll pick on the local shop owner for being racist, but they’ll never tell you about the federal politicians taking money from Chinese property developers until they’re forced to. Instead, these shills for the elite whip up online mobs of low-info normies to get angry about identity issues, evil conservatives or ‘the rich’ middle class who form the backbone of this country.

Thankfully, the alternative media are shining a light back on these fraudsters. The Dingoes posted an excellent piece recently going through this issue in greater detail.

One plutocrat who didn’t do so well at turning the commie media to her favour was Gina Rinehart. Rinehart sold out of her stake in Fairfax Media at the start of 2015. Gina, we know you’re a regular reader of The XYZ, and we just wanted you to know that we love coal. And natural gas. And we know anthropogenic global warming is bullshit.

Just putting that out there.

The 500-pound gorilla in the far left media zoo is, of course, their ABC. This postmodern Pravda works to prevent the development of any truly populist media in this country, suffocating the public discourse and alienating the population from the establishment over time. It is the antithesis of everything men like Henry Parkes worked to accomplish.

Unlike the crooks and cronies, alt-media outlets like your XYZ have to rely upon our readers to fund our operations. Hopefully we’ll do better than Parkes, who declared bankruptcy in 1858. We’ve all finally made the editor David agree to cut back on the Cubans and high-end escorts so we can buy some furniture. If you can, consider becoming a regular patron of XYZ so we can put some funds back into the site and bring you even more hard-hitting investigative journalism and edgy cartoons. Otherwise it’s all up to you, Gina.


It’s your XYZ.