No school for white boys


It’s not disputed anymore even by the Marxists who run our education systems that Australian students are falling behind kids in other countries. The data is in, and it’s been corroborated so many times now that the debate has shifted to interpreting it. And of course, no-one is mentioning the 800-pound gorilla in the classroom with the purple hair, nose-ring and Clem Ford t-shirt.

No, not the teacher. I’m talking about third wave feminism.

The problem isn’t that teachers are lazy. I can tell you from long personal experience, teachers work their arses off these days. Even the lazy ones. The days of the classroom cruiser waiting for December to roll around are over. Teachers are busy, and the ones that aren’t don’t get their contracts renewed.

The problem also isn’t funding levels. We’re not stingy when it comes to socialist redistribution programs in this country, and education is no exception. There are problems with the allocation of funds, such as the unions’ obsession with class sizes. If the teacher is good, class sizes don’t matter. But the problem isn’t funding.

The problem with schooling in Australia, and indeed across the Western world, is ideological. We’re anti-boy, and particularly anti-white boy.

failing white boys marxism photo
Modified from flickr and website screenshot.

The current bout of handwringing over Australia’s decline into educational Third Worldism has been caused by the co-ordinator of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), Andreas Schleicher, visiting the country. He’s spouting the usual globalist jargon about our national prosperity being at risk if we don’t improve our educational outcomes.

We’re sitting on a private and public debt supernova about to implode around our ears and Andreas is worried about social justice imperatives, equity and economic performance. That’s pretty funny, Andre.

But still, there is a crisis in our education system and it stems from a long, deep rot. It won’t be addressed, however, until we expose the identity cult of Western Marxism which has spread its tentacles across our universities, schools and kindergartens.

New Left-style identity politics is so deeply ingrained in our university culture now that those involved barely see it anymore. Its consequences for Australian boys, however, are obvious.

In a polemic for equality of outcome in Australian education published by the University of Melbourne, Dr Julie Moschlon and Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark assert that because ‘aptitude isn’t gendered’, the poor relative performance of boys in education must be due to oppressive Australian gender stereotypes about masculinity.

The solution? More feminism, of course. And a bit more reading to him when he’s little, if you can.

A quote from the Melbourne Uni piece is revealing:

Consistent with international evidence, Australian girls in low and middle-SES [socio-economic status] families score better in reading, while boys in high-SES families score better in numeracy.

You don’t say. It’s well-known among serious educational researchers that upper-class children don’t rely as much on the quality of schooling for educational outcomes. Indeed, parental education, peer group quality and wealth levels are the key overall determinants of how a child will perform at the end of Year 12. If boys from rich backgrounds are doing better in numeracy, it’s not because of schooling. It’s because of parenting, genetics and smart friends.

That poor and middle-class boys (insofar as there is still a middle class in this country after the ravages of socialism) perform worse than girls show us where the systemic oppression lies. Do the authors address this?

Of course not. Instead they fret over rich girls being worse at maths leading to lower ‘investments in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects, wages and glass ceiling effects’.

Of course. It’s always the patriarchy, no matter the facts.

It’s not just a media beat-up that our education system is serving our children poorly, particularly our public schools. Australian students are among the world’s worst behaved in the classroom, and we’ve fallen behind Kazakhstan in maths and science rankings.

It’s bad. Surely every school principal must have this crisis foremost in their mind when they wake up each morning, no?

Well not all of them. For Craigburn Primary Principal Paul Luke in South Australia, there are more important things. Like getting boys to wear dresses to school to help African girls get an education or something.

craigburn primary anti-boy
Paul Luke and Morgan Koegel are saving the world, one dress at a time.

Good on you Senator Bernardi for calling out this nonsense.

I’m sure the little African schoolgirls are eternally grateful to you for humiliating your male students for them, Paul. The internet never forgets, and that boy in the red dress is going to have a lot to live down later.

Boys in Australia have been performing worse than girls for a few decades now when it comes to academic results, completion of Year 12 and university entrance. Where’s the charity to improve this situation? Who’s dressing up to fix that situation, Paul?

Is it simply because there is no virtue to be signalled by doing something for privileged white, cisgender males? Little African girls are so much more useful for showing everyone in your social circle how righteous and good you are?

Even socialist Charles Dickens found this type of phony moralism repugnant. He termed it ‘telescopic philanthropy’.

Do It In A Dress’ founder Morgan Koegel loves helping Africans who no doubt love helping her public image in return. I’m sure Morgan’s telescopic philanthropy was loved by all her privileged classmates as the prestigious Melbourne Law School and will be loved by the law firms she’ll apply to in future for jobs.

It’s all so lovely.

And if boys aren’t being gender-shamed in primary school, they’re being outright bullied by femthots in high school.

clem ford school visit
How feminist does a teacher have to be to think inviting Clem Ford is a good idea?

Despite boys’ overall underperformance when compared to girls in Australian schools Sue Thomsen, an educrat at the Australian Council of Educational Research, fretted when the 2015 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) report indicated that Year 4 boys were slightly more numerate than Year 4 girls:

TIMSS 2015 shows a small but significant gender gap appearing at Year 4 in mathematics, with male students scoring at a higher level than female students. While not sounding alarm bells just yet, this should be flagged as an area for concern… We need to ensure that this lack of confidence is not tied to gender and we slip backwards to when it was acceptable that women not be as numerate as men.

Don’t worry Sue. Girls overtake boys over time to erase this oppressively patriarchal situation. We’re only going forwards.

Can you imagine the outcry if a leading educational researcher in Australia said such a thing about any other group? The hatred for white boys among the Western Marxists running our education systems is breathtaking, and that they have been getting away with it for so long is truly astonishing.

The title of Sue’s piece for far-left academic blog The Conversation was ‘Australian schools continue to fall behind other countries in maths and science’. Sue of course blames funding levels and stupid teachers for the crisis. Perhaps East Asian countries are performing better than us in maths and science, Sue, because they don’t hate their boys? Just a thought.

The government’s solution to this crisis of national security will probably be the same as for all their other problems.

Import millions of Asians.