Why do the media cover up for extremists? Part 2


Again and again it happens again.

As I observed not too long ago, those observing the antics of Australian journalists are forced to question whether they are biased or simply incompetent.

I wasn’t going to comment on the ongoing same sex marriage debate or related high court actions, because what’s left to say?

I was watching the coverage of the bemusing High Court case against the postal vote with a sort of resigned good humour. The usual characters were playing their parts. The ever toffee nosed Ron Merkel QC, that perpetual pro-bono activist silk and former federal judge was waxing lyrical on behalf of former spook Andrew Wilkie and a largely proportioned lesbian lady with a seriously severe hairstyle named Felicity Marlowe.

As the large lady in question was making a heart rending appeal to that most evergreen of emotional arguments “won’t somebody please think of the children?” I recognised something familiar.

Sadly I seem to have been alone.

Claire Bickers, writing for the Herald Sun, AAP and News Corp Australia described the amply proportioned Ms Marlowe as a “Lesbian mum-of-three” who had given an “emotional account” and then proceeded to use flattering quotes from Felicity as the main body of her article.

The Herald Sun editorial, while arguing against the High Court challenge, referred to Ms Marlowe as a “Victorian Mother”.

Pia Akerman writing for The Australian described her simply as “Having three young children”.

And that was the supposedly evil right-wing Murdoch press; the left-wing press gave poor oppressed Felicity even easier treatment.

This puzzled me greatly as I now remembered where I had seen Ms Marlowe before.

Felicity Marlowe. Former Socialist Alliance radical. Communist.

The poor woman campaigning for the dissolution of traditional marriage, sobbing into the cameras on the courthouse steps, is in fact a long time radical political extremist once well known around the University of Melbourne and RMIT. She was an activist with the Democratic Socialist Party in 2001 when that organisation formed the Socialist Alliance, at that time the largest, most active and most violent Communist party in Australia.

This took a single Google search to confirm. I have seen journalists trudge through years of Facebook comments when trying to discredit someone on the right, yet followers of Marxism, the most disastrous and murderous ideology in human history, don’t even seem worth a quick tap of a keyboard from the fourth estate.

This is not an insignificant issue. The left wins its cultural wars by constantly forcing the cuckservatives of the mainstream right to disavow ever more of their base and ideology until we are presented with the sight of “conservatives” who argue passionately for transgender indoctrination of five year olds.

They do this in the true Alinskyite fashion of freezing and personalising a figure on the right, labelling their ideas as unacceptable and then pressuring others on the right who don’t share their views to disavow them, thus moving the window of acceptable opinion further to the left.

It is literally the only strategy they have. Why on earth would they need another one when it’s worked so well?

You would think right-wingers would have picked up on this tactic at some point in the last four decades or so, but they haven’t. Similar pressure is almost never applied to the left to disavow their extremists, even though as the recent media heel-face-turn on “Antifa” in the U.S shows, it can work just as well for us as it does for them.

So why don’t journalists of supposedly “right wing” publications do the same? Here you have a radical extreme-left activist bringing a High court case alongside two Australian Senators. Surely this is newsworthy?

The widespread delusion the left has that the big bad Murdoch Empire is somehow a giant Nazi brainwashing factory, and that the only reason anyone disagrees with them is because those clever propagandists have fed the proles evil lies is hilarious for a reason. Most Murdoch scribblers would think, act and vote left-wing with almost the same enthusiasm as the vast majority of their profession working elsewhere.

But that doesn’t excuse those few journalists and media personalities who actually do lean right-of-centre. Even after being personally assaulted on the street, the no less of a figure than leftist bête noire Andrew Bolt seems reluctant to point out that the people who attacked him were actually Communists.

So it’s up to us, the citizen journalists to point out repeatedly, over and over again, inconvenient truths such as the fact that Senator Lee Rhiannon was an activist in the most extreme Communist group in Australia for decades and was the editor of the last openly pro-Stalin newspaper in this country. Right up until the moment the Wall fell of course, when she and her remaining comrades joined the Greens.

We need to point out to middle Australia that the protesters who burn flags and assault people they disagree with on the street are not “anti-racism campaigners” or “gay marriage advocates” or “community organisers” but the most radical political extremists in our society today.

Since our media class seem utterly uninterested, it needs to be shouted from the rooftops: These people are not fluffy bunnies hopping about in misplaced idealism, but fanatics who want to violently overthrow democracy and grind dissenters beneath their boots.

These people who have been allowed to dictate policy in our education system wish for nothing more than to abolish the constitution, the flag and the concept of Australia, while instituting a totalitarian police state, regulating all speech and confiscating all private property.

If supposedly right leaning media figures wont bell this dangerous cat then it’s up to you and me to do it.

If you’re reading this, your country needs you, it’s time to do your part. If you can write for XYZ, do so. If you don’t have the time or don’t feel up to the challenge, help fund XYZ here.

We need to tell the average Australian not only that these people want to destroy your country, your people, your family, your heritage and your history in service to their mad dreams, but that they are already inside the gates.

If we do nothing it will be the thugs in black masks who will decide what can and cannot be said in the country our ancestors built.

Time to raise the alarm, will you help?